Mental Health

EXIT festival has been working on promoting mental health awareness for years – both the mental health care of their employees, as well as festival visitors. The recognition of this important issue makes us pioneers in the festival industry and we deeply believe that, when it comes to mental health, a new era has begun.

People who work in creative industries are continually exposed to stress due to the particular nature of this work. Statistics confirm this, stating that around 75% of people working in the festival industry had at some point experienced anxiety, depression, burn-out, or stress-related health issues.

For some time we have been creating a context in which all the people we employ and hire will be able to work in pleasant conditions and work atmosphere, which is the main responsibility of our Well-Being sector. Additionally, at any moment during the year, our employees will receive psychological and emotional support, for which we have mental health professionals with years of experience.

During the festival, our team of professionals is joined by several psychologists and psychotherapists, in order to cover all potential needs and take care of people. People care refers to both the people from the organization, as well as performers, should the need arise.

Apart from this, EXIT Festival takes care of their visitors as well, with Srce NGO in charge of psychological support for our guests. It is a center for suicide prevention and our cooperation has been great over the years. The trained volunteers of this organization provide support to the visitors at the festival itself, as well as the festival camp. Well-being activities, such as mindfulness, meditation, AA meetings, yoga classes etc., are being organized in the camp, as well.

World-renowned speakers have talked to tens of thousands of people at the Main Stage, with supportive speeches pointing out the importance of taking care of each other, as well as waking up the feeling of compassion and mutual understanding among the people regarding the individual differences and difficulties that we meet in the modern society.

One of the values of the festival is surely its enormous potential to create a different consciousness with entire generations of young people, concerning the whole spectrum of mental health; to keep sending the message that it is okay to ask for help and how it is impossible for everyone to feel great at every moment of their lives, even though it is something we all seek.

Take care of yourself, take care of others and this world will be a much nicer and better place to live!

We have just begun!

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