EXIT festival takes place every July in Novi Sad, at the Petrovaradin Fortress, considered to be among the best festival locations in the world. The award-winning international summer music festival hosts over 1,000 performers on more than 40 stages and festival zones each year.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second-largest city in Serbia and the capital of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, with a population of around 300,000. It is also the home of EXIT Festival.

EXIT Festival lokacija

With a 17th century fortress located on the Danube river and its rich cultural and historical heritage and numerous prestigious events, Novi Sad has all the makings of a modern tourist center. Aside from EXIT Festival, its world-famous trademark, Novi Sad is home to Serbian fundamental cultural institutions: Matica Srpska, Serbian National Theater, Sterijino Pozorje etc.

EXIT Festival lokacija

Throughout its three-century-long history, Novi Sad has been known as a miniature multinational and multicultural metropolis. Here, differences are perceived and nurtured as an advantage, so naturally EXIT Festival has inherited the love of diversity from the city it was born in. The city of Novi Sad is the European Capital of Culture for the year 2022.

In addition to the magical Petrovaradin Fortress, whose trenches and secluded spots you will discover during the festival, Novi Sad offers numerous tourist attractions that will give you the energy needed for those long festival nights. Get to know Novi Sad even more here.

Petrovaradin Fortress

EXIT festival’s unique location has a vibrant history. Namely, the Petrovaradin Fortress has historically been a part of the mighty Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and the Habsburg Monarchy. The fortress was repeatedly built and destroyed, while it took as long as 88 years to reach its present form. It is one of the few that have been largely preserved and is a unique example of military architecture from the period of the Habsburg Monarchy.

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Numerous legends are associated with the Petrovaradin Fortress, and today it is adorned with numerous cultural institutions, cultural events, and recognizable symbols. You can read about all the things the Fortress has survived and why it was dubbed Gibraltar on the Danube here.

Festival Stages

Every year, on more than 40 different stages and zones located within the Petrovaradin Fortress walls, through superb production, EXIT Festival brings performances by artists of various musical genres to its audience.

EXIT Festival lokacija

In the heart of the Fortress, with a striking ambience and capacity of over 35,000 people, Gorki List Main Stage has hosted some of the biggest names in rock, pop, hip-hop, and house music!

Every summer, the eyes of the global electronic music scene are focused on the colossal mts Dance Arena, whose magical sunrises are always remembered by the audience and the performers.

Sleepless nights are guaranteed at NSNS stage, bringing the atmosphere of the world’s best clubs to the Fortress.

Fusion Stage, known for merging the incompatible, is one of the largest stages at the festival, and is considered a stage that has it all!

If you’re a fan of hardcore, metal, punk, and all kinds of extreme subgenres, a hot atmosphere awaits on Explosive Stage.

The Fortress also has enough room for Gang Beats Stage, X-Bass Pit, Wenti Wadada Positive Vibrations Reggae Stage, Gaia Trance Stage, Latino Stage and many others.

Photo: EXIT photo team, Luka Šarac (Tourism Organization of Serbia)