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Welcome to EXIT!

Winners of the Play @ EXIT Competition Announced! 13 Incredible Bands Added to the EXIT Festival Line-Up Across 3 Stages!

The traditional Play @ EXIT competition, organized by Visa and the EXIT Festival, has once again shone a spotlight on young, up-and-coming bands and rising stars of the music scene.

17. June 2024. — Author: EXIT

This year’s winners, chosen for their exceptional talent and vibrant energy, will enrich the festival program at the Petrovaradin Fortress. Local bands Lu, Čuvari Stvari, Kruz Roudi, Inside Out, the Zagreb-based Ki Klop, and the Italian sensation Dead Like Juliet are among the victorious acts.

In addition to the Play @ EXIT winners, the EXIT Festival has unveiled an impressive roster of bands set to amplify this year’s edition! The HEMI Music Awards finalists Lufthansa, Astrid & The Scandals, and Musspell are joining the stellar lineup. The genre-spanning tapestry of the EXIT Festival will become even more vivid with performances on various stages from acts like Ljubičice, Keni Nije Mrtav, Annathema, and De Limanos! 

On Thursday, July 11, the audience at the Visa Fusion Stage will be treated to a performance by the Play @ EXIT winners. The band Lu, well-known to the Šabac audience for their hypnotic lyrics and bold funk elements, will be hitting the stage. They will perform their famous track “Brzo, brzo“ along with other singles from their upcoming debut album. Friday is reserved for the all-female teen band Čuvari Stvari. With a genre mix of post-punk, goth, and rock ‘n’ roll, they offer a critical reflection on modern society and stories from the streets of Belgrade, culminating in their powerful hit “Mrtav grad. 

On Saturday, July 13, the Visa Fusion stage will take a turn with the Zagreb indie rock duo Ki Klop. The neon energy and glittering hits from their debut LP, “Otopljeni disko,“ will keep the crowd dancing until dawn. Sunday will feature Kruz Roudi, a rapidly rising trio from Novi Sad known for their groovy live performances, refreshing guitar sound, and hits like “Anksioznost“ from their debut album “Sve kruži.“

Alongside the fresh talent, the Visa Fusion stage will host renowned acts like Villagers of Ioannina City, Lakeside X, Marčelo & Band, Ida Prester & Lollobrigida, Urban & 4, and many more.

HEMI Music Awards Finalists to Echo Through Petrovaradin Fortress

A special addition to the festival program includes performances by three bands that have been awarded the prestigious HEMI Music Awards. On Friday, the Slovenian band Astrid & The Scandals will bring their unique power pop sound to the festival’s biggest stage. The Visa Fusion stage will welcome Lufthansa, a psychedelic art-rock band from North Macedonia, and Musspell, a Romanian band known for their melancholic, dark dream-pop infused with Nordic motifs.

Main Stage and Explosive Stage Infused by Old Spice Welcome More Names

On Day 0, the Main Stage, renamed Tesla Universe Stage for that occasion, will feature Keni Nije Mrtav, HEMI finalists from Serbia. This dynamic and electrifying indie-punk band, known for their skillful multi-genre blending, promises an irresistible party with singles like “Dijamanti,” “Ajde Da Plešemo,” “Samodisciplina,” and many more! 

The biggest stage will also host Ljubičice, a staple of the local alternative music scene. Known for their unique musical production that fuses various styles, including rock, pop, jazz, and electronic, Ljubičice will bring their distinct energy and recognizable lyrics. Hits like “Opet,” “Jedva čekam rat ljudi protiv mašina,” “More,” “Možda je vreme,” and others will have the crowd dancing at the festival’s main stage on Friday night

The Main Stage lineup gets even hotter with Annathema bringing their heavy thrash metal sound! This band first burst onto the Novi Sad scene in 1983 and played a crucial role in creating the thrash metal scene in the former Yugoslavia. Their raw energy and passion have been a treat for local metal fans for almost 40 years. Known for their power, virtuosity, and innovative approach to music, Annathema continually push the boundaries of conventional metal

Hard-hitting riffs from Novi Sad’s hardcore band Inside Out will heat the nights on the Explosive Stage infused by Old Spice. They made a big comeback in 2022 with their album “Revolution” and gained even more fans with last year’s powerful single “Your Support.” Also taking the Explosive Stage is Dead Like Juliet, a six-member Italian new-age heavy metal band known for melodic choruses, rhythmic riffs, and intense growls. Novi Sad punk rock band De Limanos will further intensify the lineup. 

The festival at the Petrovaradin Fortress will also feature megastars such as Tom Morello, Gucci Mane, Black Eyed Peas, Carl Cox, Bonobo, Black Coffee, Maceo Plex, John Newman DJ Hybrid Live, Cavalera, Steve Angelo, Offenbach, Klangunstler, Sara Landry,  Barry Can’t Swim and many more whose names will be revealed soon – stay tuned!

The next edition of the EXIT Festival, themed EXIT Starseeds with the slogan “Awakening Our Superpowers Together,” will take place from July 11 to 14, 2024, at the Petrovaradin Fortress. A special Day 0, July 10, will feature a unique Starseeds Takeover performance on the Tesla Universe Stage. Four-day, single-day, and Day 0 tickets are available here.