Ahead of his tour, Dub FX drops the first single from his new album!

Australian musician Dub FX has released his new single "Cracks In the Mirror," heralding the arrival of his forthcoming album "Infinite Reflection.”

2. August 2023. — Author: EXIT

This visionary street performer and social activist has committed to releasing a single each Friday, all leading up to the launch of his new LP and kick-off of the “Infinite Reflection Tour.” This tour, set to cover popular European spots, begins on September 21. Just two days after its energetic start, Dub FX hits Belgrade, where he’ll be promoting his long-awaited album at the Barutana on September 23. Fans are promised a magical experience for the occasion, complete with a unique blend of high-energy performances that are sure to transport everyone present to another dimension

Just as he pledged to his fans when he announced his new music, Dub FX delivered an emotional sound in the first track of his upcoming album, perfectly incorporating a potent social message. An old-school hip-hop beat is blended with a modern vibe, and the lyrics he brings to this song are incredibly compelling, focusing on the frustrations and aspirations of a generation seeking truth and justice. “Cracks In the Mirror” is a song that delves deep into the current state of the world as the artist prompts more profound reflection on the challenges faced by society.   

The new event by Exit, organized in collaboration with Barutana, brings Dub FX’s distinctive sound to fans and, as the artist himself emphasized, a new dimension to live performances. This is not the first collaboration between Exit and the Australian musician. He has performed twice at the EXIT Festival, in 2014 and 2019, with his strong connection with the local audience further highlighted by a street show in the heart of Novi Sad in 2014.

A very limited number of tickets for Dub FX’s Belgrade performance are available here, at the Gigs Tix website and sales locations at a promotional price of 1,200 RSD. The current ticket price is valid until Monday, August 7.