Alok and Music that Doesn’t Let You Stop Dancing

If you ask a musician for advice on how to succeed, they will almost always tell you that it takes a lot of work, that they started when they were very young, and that everything is a product of long-term commitment.

24. June 2022. — Author: EXIT

And while many start in their late teens and early adulthood, Brazilian DJ Alok started at the age of 10, which is part of why he has reached the very top of the global electronic scene.

The famous magazine DJ Mag has named the Brazilian producer/DJ the 4th best electronic music performer in the world, and he’s coming to the EXIT festival in top form.

As we have already said, at the age of 10, when other musically-inclined kids usually opt for an instrument, Alok Petrillo got interested in electronic music, specifically in how remixes are made. He carried that vibe throughout his career, which is why we first saw his name attached to remixes of some great tracks.

At 12, he started his first band with his twin brother, playing psytrance. By the way, the two young Brazilians had this music genre in their blood because their parents were the pioneers of these parties in Brazil and the creators of the famous Universo Parallelo festival in Brazil. His name means light in Sanskrit, and his parents were inspired to name him after travelling through India.

At 19, he had already embarked on a solo career path, while many others were still learning to match the beats of two tracks and select a song that would get the audience moving. Only two years after starting his solo career he became world-renowned, and in 2016 he became the only Brazilian on many world’s-best-DJ lists.

He stood out from the beginning with a unique, amiable persona, an underground attitude, and a desire for the big stage, melody and performance. This connection and life philosophy could only drive him to progress and push him further.

Since 2016, he has had his own label, Up Club records, creating hits that light up the electronic music charts. We only need to list a few bangers, such as “Hear me now,“ “Don’t Cry for Me,“ “Don’t Say Goodbye,“ and remixes for Dua Lipa and The Rolling Stones.

However, if we were to talk about new hits, we’d have to mention the newly released song “Deep Down“ and the great remix he did for the theme of the Netflix series Squid Game. As he said, the music crept into his ears and wouldn’t leave. He decided to use it in the best way possible, creating a club anthem for people to dance to.

There’s a game in the “Squid Game“ show that requires players to stop moving when the music stops. We would love never to stop when this electronic music wizard comes out on stage on the last day of EXIT and keep dancing until we drop.

Written by: Miloš Dašić