Australian Musical Visionary Dub FX Coming to Belgrade on September 23

Australian musician, visionary, street performer, and social activist Dub FX is coming to Belgrade on September 23.

21. July 2023. — Author: EXIT

He will be promoting his new, eagerly anticipated album “Infinite Reflection” at Barutana as part of his 15th European tour. This new event by Exit, organized in cooperation with Barutana, will treat fans to his distinctive sound and, as the artist himself highlighted, a new dimension of concert performance. The first batch of tickets will be available for purchase from Monday, July 24th at noon, at the festival website, ticket outlets and on the Gigs Tix online platform, at a promotional price of 1,200 RSD.

Dub FX’s new album, “Infinite Reflection,” which features emotional soundscapes, dance-inducing beats, and positive notes, is set for release in August, while the leading single, “Cracks In The Mirror,” will be out as early as July 28. Dub FX will commence his new “Infinite Reflection Tour,” covering popular European locations, on September 21. Just two days after the powerful start, he will arrive in Belgrade. For this occasion, he promises fans not only new music but a magical experience and a unique mix of energetic and impressive performances that will transport everyone to another dimension

“Festivals are great, but they’re short… in clubs, thanks to having more time, I can extend the setlist and really take people on a journey! I can’t wait!” Dub FX said about his upcoming tour. 

Dub FX has a very special connection with the EXIT festival, having performed there in 2014 and 2019. In 2014, at the Petrovaradin Fortress, he introduced a completely new concept of performance as part of the Festival’s Main Stage X-Bass program, masterfully integrating percussions, horns, and other acoustic instruments with beatbox. He performed alongside a musician named Endi V, who played the saxophone and keyboard and sang backing vocals while also recording everything live and filtering it through a loop machine, mixing it all with Dub FX’s vocals. In 2019, Dub FX brought his distinctive sound to the Main Stage of the EXIT Festival, the same year the famous UKF celebrated ten years on the scene, and EXIT launched a new X-bass Pit stage dedicated solely to bass music.

Dub FX has also built a special bond with the residents and visitors of Novi Sad and has become an absolute favorite of the local audience. For instance, he warmed up for his 2014 EXIT festival appearance by doing a street show in the city center the day before his performance.

In a career spanning nearly two decades, Dub FX has garnered a solid reputation in underground circles. He embodies independent music, having managed to sell over a hundred thousand copies entirely on his own, while his music has amassed millions of views and listens on various platforms. He began his solo music career traveling around Europe with a simple plan – to live in a van, travel, and perform on the streets of the world’s cities. From street performances, this artist has risen to the biggest festival stages and most renowned concert venues worldwide. 

In his live performances, Dub FX combines beatboxing with high-quality production. He plays with genres by mixing reggae, dub, hip hop, and drum ‘n’ bass and weaving in powerful lyrics advocating unity, positivity, and social awareness. He has made numerous albums, including two in 2020 – “Roots” and “Branches,” as well as popular songs “Flow,” No Rest For The Wicked,” “So Are You,”Wandering Love,” and many others.

A very limited number of tickets for Dub FX’s Belgrade performance will be available for purchase from Monday, July 24 at noon, here and on the Gigs Tix online platform, at the promotional price of 1,200 RSD.