Become a part of the Exit volunteer team!

23. June 2017. — Author: EXIT

EXIT Foundation is inviting all young people who are interested in gaining a valuable work experience to apply for the volunteer contest until June 30th. This is your chance to become a part of the Exit volunteer team!

As the only festival of its size and scale, originating as a social activist youth movement, EXIT has always supported volunteering by inspiring young people to engage themselves by gaining work experience, as well as meeting people from all over the world. After working with over 4.000 volunteers that worked along side EXIT’s team since 2010, the EXIT Foundation is, in light of continuous progress, pushing for the expansion of the volunteer program well into regional levels.

All interested parties who want to apply for the volunteer contest, and become a part of this large and amazing team of regional EXIT volunteers can do it at this link. In order to become an EXIT volunteer, candidates must be over 18 years, without any criminal record, and must pass our screening process. Volunteers are required to complete 6 hours of work per shift; perks include free entrance to the festival, food, water and camp accommodation (if necessary). Travel and other expenses are not covered by the festival.

Volunteer work will last from 4 to 10 July, before and during the EXIT festival. Upon the end of the volunteering period, volunteers will receive a proof certificate for their work at the best European festival.