Chase & Status, State Of Mind, Jade, and Monrroe raise the heartbeat of EXIT festival to 174 BPM!

For years, entire generations have eagerly anticipated summer due to the drum'n'bass lineup at EXIT festival.

22. June 2023. — Author: EXIT

As is tradition, the Petrovaradin Fortress is set to host an array of producers and DJs from July 6 to 9, from the giants representing the genre’s home of the UK, Chase & Status, Monrroe, and Charlie Tee, through the cult-followed New Zealand duo State of Mind, and the founder of the renowned Eatbrain label, Jade, extending to the strong regional and local scene. It’s an event that Generation X, millennials, and “Zoomers” all look forward to in equal measure!


Since the founding of EXIT festival to the present day, drum’n’bass has been a constant, occupying a special place in the heart of the Petrovaradin Fortress – Gorki List Main Stage, and for the past few years, X-Bass stage, are among the epicenters of this genre in the country and region. It was at EXIT 2019 that we celebrated a decade of the famous British label UKF, led by the duo Chase & Status with their RTRN II JUNGLE concept. That same year, drum’n’bass got its own stage, a hidden gem for fans of the genre – the X-Bass Stage

This year, from July 6 to 9, we will have the opportunity to listen to numerous titans of the genre and those who are yet to become so. Chase & Status, icons of drum’n’bass and jungle sound who have dominated the world music scene for the past two decades, will perform on Thursday, July 6, at Gorki List Main Stage. Their debut album, “More Than A Lot, achieved gold status, while the subsequent “No More Idols became the second best-selling album in the UK, earning double platinum and featuring the iconic track “No Problem. The “RTRN II JUNGLEproject in 2019 brought new genre anthems, Program and “Retreat, putting jungle back on the map in a big way! Their latest album from 2020, “What Came Before, introduced a new dimension to their sound, with the liquid drum’n’bass track “Mixed Emotionsserving as a prime example. 

We will also have the opportunity to listen to British selector, DJ, and BBC Radio star Charlie Tee, at the same location, while the British MC Gardna will also grace Gorki List Main Stage. Gardna‘s debut album, “Good Time Not a Long Time from 2019, excellently illustrates his MC skills, while last year’s Time & Space swept all the positive reviews and earned him the title of Future Artist of the Month on BBC Radio 1!

X-Bass stage will be taken over by State of Mind, Jade, Monrroe, and Youphoria. The legendary New Zealand duo State of Mind have been on the scene for nearly two decades. In 2009, they launched their eponymous label, which became home to top-tier artists such as Nymfo, Black Sun Empire, Neonlight, Jade, Telekinesis, Mindscape, Gridlok, and many others. One of their most striking releases, “Sun King, is one in a series of genre anthems.

Jade founded the famous Eatbrain label and is one of the most significant, internationally recognized Hungarian drum’n’bass producers and DJs. His specialty is experimental, energetic neurofunk, best exemplified by tracks like “Smashface and Man Eating Lizard Dragon. Monrroe has been recognized from the start of his career for his melodic and soulful sound, which he perfectly combines with high-intensity drum’n’bass energy, encapsulated in the universally loved tracks “Never Too Oldand Out Of Time.

The next generation of drum’n’bass will be represented by Youphoria, an Austrian DJ with a residency at Flex Club, who sails through various sub-genres in her sets, with an emphasis on neurofunk. Besides DJ-ing, she also produces and has performed alongside genre giants such as Pendulum, Dimension, Sub Focus, A.M.C, Camo & Krooked, Mefjus, and many others.

The regional and local support will come from a strong lineup consisting of Bane, Bo Jah MC, Buzzin, C:Critz, Dozet, Drop Sensei, Drumsta, DSPT, Indukt, Kritik, Lysergic, Missin, Quantrussyan, Rebar, Shizzla, Slink, Souldrive, Statik, Tendo, Vetas, and Zooter.

Your hunger for rapid rhythms and broken drum’n’bass beats can be satiated at this year’s EXIT festival, from July 6 to 9, at Gorki List Main Stage and X-Bass stage, pushing the Petrovaradin Fortress’s heartbeat to 174 beats per minute. 

Written by: Vanja Ratković