Dear EXIT people…

23. May 2020. — Author: EXIT

Above all we want you to know that we didn’t forget about you and that we are thankful for your support empowering us every day in finding an exit, again after 20 years.

As we previously announced, EXIT Festival will not be held on formerly scheduled dates in July, in its usual four-day format with 55,000 visitors per day on more than 40 stages and festival zones across the Petrovaradin Fortress.

However, a drastic improvement of the health situation in Serbia and the Balkan region has prompted the Crisis Staff and the Serbian Government to recommend us not to cancel the festival, but to organize it in some form this August. Right now, all information we have are the ones coming from the media, so it will take some time before we announce an exact format and lineup. Having in mind that your health and safety come first, we already announced that we are prepared for a capacity reduction, as well as limiting the audience explicitly to those countries where the general health situation is held under control.

What we know for certain is that we are working hard on all possible options regarding the 2020 festival edition, as well as the 2021 edition, so you can expect some great surprises on the horizon. We are keeping in touch with the artists we’ve announced at the beginning of this year and also with many more of those we had yet to announce. They all still wish to come and perform for you. Today, even more than ever before.

And rest assured, all of you who already bought tickets will be able to choose whether they want to use them for 2020 or 2021, while those of you who wish for a refund will absolutely be able to do so in accordance with the terms proclaimed by our Government regarding event cancellations due to the pandemic.

Last, but not least, between spreading panic and optimism we will always choose the latter. If that wasn’t the case, then EXIT never would have happened 20 years ago. That is why we are thrilled that the virus is finally fading away from our lives and that once again there is a great possibility for us to be together, maybe even in the best summer to date. We will gather again so we can send a message to the whole world saying that the strength of life, unity, love, and freedom, connecting us for last 20 years, is unstoppable.