Disciples: Hard Work Leads to Platinum Records

“How Deep Is Your Love“ came out in 2015?!

23. June 2022. — Author: EXIT

Even if we didn’t count the couple of years the pandemic has taken from us, this still sounds too long ago. Turn on the radio or walk into a bar, and you’ll hear it played as if it was just released. The video alone has 1.5 billion views! It is one of the biggest radio hits and one of the biggest club bangers in the recent history of popular music.

But EXIT didn’t book them because of this hit alone. This dance trio, which became famous after Calvin Harris offered to sign them, has already introduced itself to our audience. They shook the Fortress with their hits and made new ones in the meantime.

Although their performances can’t go by without their own chart breakers, they always come up with a good dance set, revealing that they used to be club DJs not so long ago and that they still know the faces of everyone on the dance floor. This is how they make their sets, even though their audience now counts tens of thousands at almost every performance.

Disciples, consisting of Nathan Vincent Duvall, Gavin Koolmon, and Luke McDermott, go into a studio with Calvin every now and again, and he often calls them when curating residencies for his clubs in Ibiza. David Guetta still has them on speed dial. Nathan especially likes to write songs for pop divas and groups. He has worked for the commercially successful British stars Little Mix and the indomitable Raye. There’s also a song he wrote for Craig David coming soon.

They Don’t Know“ and “On My Mind“ were created four years apart, during which they achieved international success. Yet, both songs feature a distinctive bass line and distorted vocals, which now form the backbone of their unique production. It is the same with “Catwalk“ and “Jealousy.

The BBC supports their every release. This was the case last year when they worked on “Solid Gold” with bshp, but also more recently when they sampled an African choir and made a beat for Goldlink to rap to for Grand Turismo 7. Their current hit single, “Catch My Love, “ confirms that they like to collaborate and explore new territory. Noizu and MOYA are both featured on it. Before that, they collaborated on the single “Whisper“ with the legendary Dennis Ferrer and the producer and vocalist probably only known to a folktronica audience – James Yuill.

During the pandemic, they tried to cheer up their fans with the single “I Got You, “ accompanied by a campaign and an open phone line for those who felt lonely and had no one to share the most difficult moments with during those days.

They have managed to keep their private lives under a veil of mystery while they are happy to disclose who served as inspiration for their music. They list artists such as Jamie Jones and Damian Lazarus, but also Daft Punk and Booka Shade, as well as 90s hits such as “Missing“ by Everything But The Girl.

Written by: Vojkan Bećir