Everybody Wants to Rule the World, and CamelPhat Actually Do!

There's that brilliant, iconic song from the '80s, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," which encapsulates the desire of every young musician, be it guitar-wielding guys, DJs behind the decks, or any other eclectic mix – the desire for absolute success and global dominance.

17. June 2023. — Author: EXIT

This very song also marked the start of the career of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, long before they named their duo CamelPhat. In their band, The Chosen Few, they created a fantastic electronic cover of the aforementioned song and set out on their own, step by step, to conquer the world.

Not long after, they changed their name to CamelPhat and embarked on what they clearly do best – sampling, paying homage to, and winking at the giants and hits they loved as kids. They wanted people to understand and embrace the beauty and greatness of the music they created and represented. Therefore, in the beginning, they wore masks.

Considering they hail from the UK, specifically Liverpool, it would be easy to assume that they made a name for themselves with a residency in Ibiza. However, that’s not the case with this duo. They first set up their own club in their hometown, growing their empire and power from there. That’s where all the high-end socializing began. From there, they expanded their influence and began attracting the world they wanted to conquer to their club, “Manson.”

Everything we knew and heard about them, all their hits, both original tracks and remixes, all their popularity, it all heated up by another 300 degrees in 2017, when a collaboration with Elderbrook came about with the famous house hit “Cola, which celebrates hedonism and the love of rhythm and dance. This song is precisely what this duo has been trying to combine all along – a deep house sound that leans as much on EDM as it does on trance elements.

The song led them to a Grammy nomination and the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. For a few months, you couldn’t escape this hit, but you didn’t want to either.

The boys were granted the keys to paradise, and there isn’t a genre they haven’t entered with their remixes and production, from guitars to hip-hop, collaborating with legends of the sound they’ve always cultivated in their performances. Few can boast collaborations with techno giants like ARTBAT (For A Feeling“), dubstep legend Skream (“Keep Movin’“), and even Noel Gallagher himself singing on their album (“Not Over Yet“), as well as Jake Bugg (“Be Someone“).

One of their tracks is called “Dopamine Machine. It may not be their biggest hit, but this song says all you need to know about CamelPhat. They are a factory and machine for creating dopamine, and our shift begins on Friday, July 7, at EXIT Festival’s mts Dance Arena, when we will receive our dose of the “happiness hormone” from these guys.  

Written by: Miloš Dašić