EXIT 2023: Miracles Can Happen if We Want Them Strong Enough

At a press conference held today in Belgrade, the EXIT Festival announced the first 23 acts to appear at the next edition, which will take place 6th–9th July 2023 at the Petrovaradin Fortress.

13. December 2022. — Author: EXIT

Some of the most prominent names announced include The Prodigy, Skrillex, Viagra Boys, Keinemusic, CamelPhat and many others. Music critic Dragan Ambrozić stated that EXIT Festival’s mission is to bring to Serbia all the performers that we cannot see throughout the rest of the year, as well as that the local audience has a strong connection with The Prodigy, which is why the band decided to come to EXIT as part of its comeback tour.

The most enthusiasm was caused by the announcement of the most influential electro-punk band of all time, The Prodigy. The founder and CEO of the EXIT Festival, Dušan Kovačević, pointed out that the band’s performances at EXIT have always been special, delivering incredible energy and showcasing the connection they have with the local audience.

“Everyone who knows them has been waiting for the moment when the comeback tour would be announced, and we are sure that EXIT will be its highlight. This is one of the most sought-after tours next year, all the major European festivals will have The Prodigy as a headliner, and we’re proud that they’ll be with us because of that special connection we share and because as (band founder) Liam Howlett says, EXIT is their favourite festival“ Dušan Kovačević pointed out.

Music critic Dragan Ambrozić emphasised that the EXIT Festival and The Prodigy are part of the same dream, which has been alive in Serbia since their first concert in 1995.

“They know they are coming to their second home, to their people, precisely because we share a common dream. This re-energises everyone who has already seen them and everyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to come to EXIT before, to all who know that miracles are possible in this country if we want them strongly enough. EXIT is also one of those big dreams,“ – said Dragan Ambrozić.

Zoe Kida, who opened for The Prodigy in 2007 with the band Mistakemistake, said that that was the most important show in her life. In 2023, she will return to EXIT with her solo project, and at the conference, she shared which performers she is most looking forward to.

“I’m incredibly excited to see The Prodigy, Skrillex, local acts, and most importantly – new artists. EXIT continually educates us; it’s a festival where we learn and get informed about quality performers and authors. I have grown up with this festival, beautiful things have connected me to EXIT from the very beginning, and I’m very much looking forward to presenting my material, “ – said Zoe Kida.

Dušan Kovačević added that EXIT is famous for being a multi-genre festival.

“There will be a lot of guitars, hip-hop, as well as the best electronic music, both on the Main Stage and at the Dance Arena. I would single out Skrillex, who has eight Grammys under his belt and is energetically very similar to The Prodigy. I would also highlight Keinemusik, which has been dubbed a microcosm of Berlin itself, then Hot Since 82, a regional audience favourite, as well as Indira Paganotto. Our concept is to bring the best of all genres, and this is just a teaser of what’s to come, “ – emphasised Kovačević.

Ambrozić continued by saying that one of the missions of the EXIT festival is to give visitors freedom of choice through genre diversity that did not exist before and that EXIT’s message is that everyone should find their own (musical) path.

EXIT Festival Director of PR Sanjin Đukić pointed out that EXIT traditionally leaves much room for nurturing guitar-based music. Thus, the top of the first part of the next edition’s line-up includes the Swedish band Viagra Boys, who have earned the status of rock sensation with their latest album and are aiming for the top of the charts worldwide, as well as that their album has just been declared the album of the year in Croatia.

Viagra Boys correspond very well with different generations and create the chaos that got us all hooked on guitars, and EXIT was there to catch them at the absolute peak of their career so far. The fact is that out of the first 23 names, as many as 11 are guitar bands. There’s also The Toasters, absolute ska legends; the Explosive stage line-up is pretty wild; there’s Ignite and the rising stars Midnight… If you’re a punk at heart or want to become one, you’ll have the chance to see Cockney Rejects on their final tour. On the other hand, the electronic programme of the festival is growing beautifully; we are going very wide and colourful, as has always been the case, “ – concluded Đukić.

The first 23 acts announced for EXIT 2023 also include LF System, Vintage Culture, Suzi Moon, Human Rias, Mortal Kombat, Wolfbrigade, Mirror, The Bar Stool Preachers, Sur Austru, Sacred Reich and Sarasvati Druna Bend.