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Welcome to EXIT!

EXIT Alongside the Eagles in Germany – Massive Party in Munich on World Music Day, June 21!

As a prelude to the upcoming EXIT Festival, set to take place at Petrovaradin For-tress in July, we're thrilled to announce an unforgettable party in Munich on Friday, June 21, in celebration of World Music Day.

18. June 2024. — Author: EXIT

This event will mark the beginning of what many consider the best season of the year – summer. Expect an electrifying atmosphere and an all-night dance extravaganza with a stellar DJ lineup. Rising star Layla Benitez, known for her distinctive afro house sound, will headline the event, joined by the German-Iranian maestro and familiar face at EXIT, Human Rias. Also on deck is Canadian DJ Daijo, whose hits have amassed millions of streams, while the famous Belgrade duo Inner Sense will also take the stage to represent Serbia.

On Thursday, June 20, a wave of people will flood Munich as Serbia faces Slovenia at the magnificent Allianz Arena as part of UEFA Euro 2024. The Serbian fans are hopeful that this match will see the Eagles score their first three points in the tournament. And just a day later, in the same city, another spectacle awaits – the “Unlock the Summer” party from the Get EXITed event series!

Football fever is sweeping across Europe. The championship kicked off last week in Germany, with Serbia among the 24 teams vying for the title. Though the start wasn’t exactly glorious, there’s a strong feeling that we can do better on Thursday, June 20, in Munich against Slovenia.

Anyone who attends the match at the magnificent Allianz Arena and stays in Munich until Friday will have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy a spectacular EXIT-backed event in this vibrant city. Join us for “Unlock the Summer,” part of the “Get EXITed” party series, and take your first step into the hottest and most beautiful season of the year with beats that will set the atmosphere alight.

June 21 not only signifies the official start of summer but also marks World Music Day. To honor this, Lieberscholli, in collaboration with OFF2, will host a magical electronic dance party. The acclaimed DJ and producer Layla Benitez will headline the event, taking the crowd on a journey with her eclectic mix of deep house rhythms, percussions, global harmonies, and soulful sounds. Her sets, filled with energetic beats, dark tones, and groovy foundations, promise to keep the atmosphere electric all night long.

Following her, Human Rias, a cherished member of the EXIT family, will take over the DJ booth. This German-Iranian musician and producer has made history at EXIT as the only DJ to both open and close the mts Dance Arena in the same year. Plus, he did so in response to a spontaneous request from the crowd! At that unforgettable moment, the colossal dance floor was packed with 25,000 people.

The Belgrade duo Inner Sense, signed to EXIT’s Echosystem management agency, will proudly represent Serbia on stage. They will also use this opportunity to promote their recently released track “Feelings,” launched under the renowned label SHÈN, founded by none other than Franky Wah, a headliner of this year’s mts Dance Arena!

Canadian maestro Daijo will join these electronic music powerhouses.

We’re guaranteed a great time, especially if we can celebrate Serbia’s victory in the match against Slovenia the day before. Grab your tickets for the “Get EXITed – Unlock the Summer” party here.