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Welcome to EXIT!

EXIT Announces Complete Lineup on World Music Day: From Hip-Hop and Pop Icons to Electronic Legends and Furious Guitar Riffs — EXIT 2024 Has It All!

In less than three weeks, the Petrovaradin Fortress will transform into a multi-genre extravaganza as the 24th edition of EXIT Festival brings together the most sought-after music stars from around the globe. Featuring chart-toppers, tens of billions of views and streams, and countless sold records, the complete lineup was fittingly announced on World Music Day!

21. June 2024. — Author: EXIT

From global hits and electronic music titans to underground sounds, classic rock, heavy metal, punk riffs, old-school hip-hop, trap, drum’n’bass, reggae, trance, and Latin rhythms – EXIT once again delivers an all-star repertoire for every musical taste! 

This year’s headliners include legendary hip-hop and pop group Black Eyed Peas, Rage Against The Machine co-founder Tom Morello, trap pioneer Gucci Mane, the Cavalera brothers, Carl Cox, Bonobo, Black Coffee, Maceo Plex, KlangKuenstler, Sara Landry, and many more. This unstoppable star-studded lineup showcases the genre diversity of this year’s festival, spanning hundreds of performers across more than 40 beloved festival stages and zones, all coming to life over four nights at Petrovaradin Fortress!



To the delight of fans, EXIT will kick off a day earlier this year, starting with Day 0, on Wednesday, July 10, at the Tesla Universe Main Stage, in honor of the birthday of our greatest inventor, Nikola Tesla! The lineup is headlined by Burak Yeter with special guest Dimash Qudaibergen, leading new-gen artist Iniko, Eurovision fan favorite Baby Lasagna, the incredibly talented Teya Dora, the promising young band Keni nije mrtav, and the unique producer and DJ Whyte Fang. It’s clear that tickets for this stellar opening night will be in high demand!


Following this powerful opening, from July 11 to 14, the Tesla Universe Main Stage will feature pop-rap icons Black Eyed Peas, one of the world’s most innovative guitarists and driving force behind Rage Against the Machine, Tom Morello, and global trap sound pioneer Gucci Mane. The stage will also rock with the riffs of the Cavalera brothers, founders of the iconic Sepultura, and the unstoppable punk band The Exploited! Audiences will dance to hits from Alok, John Newman, Oliver Tree, Steve Angello, Kenya Grace, Ofenbach, Sam Divine, Rudimental, Willy William, Dub FX, Ian Asher, Altin Gün, Azahriah, Joker Out, Ljubičice, Z++, Divolly & Markward, Lady Lee, Flava D, Đorđe + Venok & Vekac, Astrid & The Scandals, Anathema, Replicunts, De Limanos, and Thicc Boi b2b XO!


For four electrifying nights, the mts Dance Arena will bring together timeless legends of the global electronic scene and leading figures of the new generation, uniting in what is likely the most potent electronic lineup in the world this year! Gracing the largest dance floor will be the iconic Carl Cox, alongside absolute megastars Bonobo, Black Coffee, and Maceo Plex. Today’s hottest techno and house producers, I Hate Models, KlangKuenstler, Patrick Mason, Franky Wah, Barry Can’t Swim, Sama’ Abdulhadi, and Carlita, will also take the stage. Argy and Vintage Culture will debut their back-to-back set, joined by the sought-after producer and DJ duo ARTBAT, Avantika, Desna, Mose, Human Rias, Lanna, Innēr Sense, Mene, Katalina, and Dimitri J b2b Un Padre!


EXIT’s renowned multi-genre hub, the Visa Fusion Stage, will feature Greek rock giants Villagers of Ioannina City, multi-talented instrumentalist Mezerg, regional scene veterans Urban & 4, as well as hip-hop legends Bad Copy, Edo Maajka, and Helem Nejse. The beats will be turned up to eleven by Grše and Kuku$, while glitter and glam come courtesy of Ida Prester & Lollobrigida, Iva Lorens, and Nika Turković. Also joining are Marčelo and his band, Marko Louis, Ritam nereda, Filip Baloš, Lufthansa, Muspell, Lakeside X, and Funk Shui. The Hali Gali crew presents bands Sitzpinker, Proto Tip, and Vizelj, alongside Grizete, Čuvari stvari, Luka Rajić, Pretty Loud, Zhiva, Ki Klop, Kruz Roudi, and Lu!


The beloved underground electronic stage, NSNS Stage Refreshed by Heineken Silver, will host hard-techno star Sara Landry and four sleepless nights with performances by Kobosil, Yotto, Helena Hauff, Cassie Raptor, Francis Mercier, Estella Boersma, Henry Saiz, Oguz, Awen, Sona, Djeff b2b Fiona Kraft, Supergloss, Airrica, Anamē b2b BLR, Marron, Filip Xavi, Yelisaveta, Layzie and Hobin Rude.


Delivering the heaviest sound, the Explosive Stage infused by Old Spice will be headlined by American punk icons The Casualties, the legendary Coroner making their debut performance in Serbia, and a host of hardcore and metal bands including Ratos de Porao, Uada, Conflict, Ancient, The Take, Risk It, Lineout, Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, The Stone, Nemesis, Liquid Supercharge, Tortharry, Cutthroat, Expectations, Worst, Morost, My Turn, Khargash, Dead Like Juliet, Inside Out, Condemned Ad, Jack, Ruyned, Geger, Gestos Grosseiros, Majak x Neven, Xsus and Zenoth.


Gang Beats will again be the ultimate showcase of sharp rhymes and a meeting point for old-school hip-hop veterans and the new generation of trap and rap artists. This year, the lineup features Amna, Fox, Prti Bee Gee, Sajsi MC, Bejbi Motorola x Thea Texxxas, Masayah, Micka Lifa, Mlada Beba, Sassja, Tam & Jymenik, Zevin, Bebi, Faberge, FTP, Gerum, Psihoaktiv Trip, Rie, Rođeni, Rouzi x Jowam, Swana, Viking Krew, Zee x Matej Foltz x Young Dadi, AV47, Bulch, Don Skarr 13, Em, Funky Guru, Masta, Mejsi, Mitich, Nadya, Dante, Šele, TNG, Amnezija, DJ Kopy, DZI, Fich, Keyri, Kultura, Mai Tai, Sara, Thicc Boi, XO and Yung Bessi. 


The beloved Urban Bug, a small stage nurturing the electronic sound, will host a lineup of exciting back-to-back sets including 2Much b2b Vein, Hudi b2b Aljoša, Layzie b2b Techa, Migazz b2b Kornwall, Milenko b2b Arnee, Miozz b2b Stefan Jović, Neshud b2b Irkah, Neutron, Needle b2b Hori, Novak, Rade Bađin b2b Poliformat, Runy b2b Mande, S.A.B.R.I. b2b Rikaya, Stameni b2b Mark Aasgier, Teachr b2b Butterfly.eff, THE b2b Zira, Vladimir Aćić b2b Danilo Vladušić, Vladimir Tucakov b2b Bokun, Wise D and Kobe, and Woodie b2b Danijel Kević.

The Together X House by IQOS stage also promises sleepless nights with DJ sets from Alex Wann, Antdot, Apache, Djeff, Fabrizio Marra, Kitty Amor, Maxi Meraki, Mont Rouge, Sasson, Sparrow & Barbossa, Anyushka, Deaf In Mini, Fanatik, and Oysha.

The wildest ride at 174 beats per minute is reserved for the X-Bass Pit stage, featuring Baj:no, Baboon, Billain, Bo Jah MC, Boogie, Buzzin, Cockroach, Codex, Dj Suicide, Drop Sensei, Flowanastasia & Tyr Kohout, GLXY, Indukt, Iturn, Kenney, Koro, Kritik, Lysergic, Mad Prophet, Monden illegal Operations, Raul B, Rebar, Slink, Slwdwn, Souldrive, Splash Heads, Vetas and Whip.

The Wenti Wadada Positive Reggae Stage will be a haven of positive vibrations with performances by Badou Boy Sound System, Beathoven, Butchaa, Bush Mad Squad, Count Bassy, DJ STK, Echotronix feat. Lion Warriah, Elioh, Herbal Queen, Hornsman Coyote (DJ Set), I Sens & Selecta Antwan, Ital Vision, Jah Akka, Jahmessenjah Sound System, Little Shuja, Lock D, Mefa, Mizizi Selecta, Showme Selecta, Skadam,  Soulcraft & Masso Narradi Live,  Tommy T and Wenti Wadada Closing Party.

Trance enthusiasts will find their sanctuary at the Gaia Trance Stage with performances by Cosmic Dimension Live, E-Clip Live, Egon’s Embrace Live, Imaginarium Live, Simia Live, Syned Brain Live, DJ Aquapipe, DJ Buca, DJ Cheda, DJ Damzah, DJ Dapeace, DJ Filip Nikolaevic, DJ Lazanya, DJ Manda, DJ Mikica, DJ Mita, DJ Mozza, DJ Pura, DJ Stole and DJ Zarma.

Latino beats will come alive at the Latino Stage by Idea, featuring DJ Sarchy, Orient Express, DJ Beathoven, DJ Tito ft. Kaipiriña, DJ’s Rey, DJ Edwin Gomez, Zero Witches, DJ Tete, Arceo Jr & Mauri, Fusion Company, Casanova, DJ Kelvin, DJ Olof, DJ St_Iva, P&P Fusion, DJ Jesus, El Real & Energy, DJ Sesha, Pablo & Mauri, Haddada, DJ Rey ft. Kaipiriña, Adelante & DJ’s Back 2 Back and DJ Edwin Gomez vs. DJ Tete.

The biggest hits will spin at the Radio AS FM Stage with Morning Indian, Lena Glish, Peryz & Daave, Spear, Pacho & Pepo, Ra5tik, Macro, Jjoy, The Vibe Radio Show DJ’s (Pele Drezgić, wd87, Shot, Vien), Supertons, Lock’d, Vanjanja and Teodora Jarić b2b Meli.

The next edition of the EXIT Festival, themed EXIT Starseeds with the slogan “Awakening Our Superpowers Together,” will take place from July 11 to 14 at the Petrovaradin Fortress, with Day 0 on July 10

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