EXIT Dance Arena Sensation Lands on 2023’s Best Albums List

The iconic DJ Mag, a leading electronic-music publication, has recognized Barry Can't Swim's debut album as one of the best in 2023.

26. December 2023. — Author: EXIT

This marks a record-breaking ascent to global club acclaim for the young DJ’s album “When Will We Land,” released just this October. With views skyrocketing and concert tickets selling out fast, Barry is set to bring his unique sound to the EXIT Festival this July!

Born Joshua Mannie in Edinburgh, this young British DJ and producer soared to fame with his innovative mixes of electronic music, jazz, afrobeat, and an array of seemingly random genres. A classical music background, starting with piano lessons at the age of nine, laid the foundation for his creativity. During his formative teenage years, he played multiple instruments in various bands and even dabbled as a lead vocalist. An internship at SOMA Records introduced him to electronic music. Soon after, drawn into the club scene and dance culture, he relocated to London to work on his initial projects. A sense of belonging, community, and new encounters sparked the creation of the distinctive sound that led to the 2020 inception of the Barry Can’t Swim project


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His unstoppable rise on the international scene has been marked by his debut EP Amor Fati, followed by the singleEverything Is Going To Be Alright. His journey continued with joining London’s independent label Ninja Tune, where, in collaboration with Anisha Kumar, he released Blackpool Boulevard. This single not only brought him global club fame but also a nomination for Billboard’s ’10 Dance Artists To Watch in 2022 list.

Early last year, Barry set the stage for his upcoming album with the release of his first solo EP, More Content, acclaimed for its perfect blend of jazz, house, techno, and jungle sounds. Barry himself credits London as his muse, where just strolling the streets immerses you in a diverse musical tapestry intertwined with the rhythm of footsteps, the buzz of the crowd, and distant car sirens. Channeling this vibrant energy and genre diversity has become his musical signature, as colorful and varied as his influences, ranging from The Beatles to Fela Kuti.

In October, the Scottish artist released his debut album “When Will We Land,” featuring 11 meticulously curated tracks, including Define Dancing, Dance of the Crab, and Sonder.

It was Barry’s masterful genre fusion that swiftly drew us into his enchanting DJ sets and productions. Music connoisseurs describe his sound as bold, unique, and a game-changer in electronic music, with “When Will We Land” being his most daring and ambitious project yet.

Riding this wave of global acclaim, Barry is set to perform at the EXIT Starseeds festival in 2024, where he will electrify the mts Dance Arena with his now-famous hits!

The next edition of the EXIT Festival, carrying the EXIT Starseeds theme under the slogan “Awakening Our Superpowers Together,” is set to take place from July 10 to 14, 2024, at the Petrovaradin Fortress. A special Starseeds Takeover performance on the Tesla Universe stage is reserved for day zero. Four-day tickets are available here.