EXIT Dance Arena Star Checks in from the Match in Qatar: Serbia Always Has My Heart

The start of the World Cup was anything but easy for the Serbian national team, but support for the Eagles came from all over the world!

28. November 2022. — Author: EXIT

The star of the Dance Arena, Canadian producer and DJ Blondish, showed this on her Instagram profile, followed by more than 334 thousand people, saying that Brazil got the glory in yesterday’s match but that Serbia would always have her heart! In a great mood, she cheered along with the Serbian crowd and won the sympathy of thousands of fans from many countries who liked her post.


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“I’ve been dreaming of this day since I started DJing. Walking up on that stage with massive butterflies before my set. I just saw this view of this amphitheater and the crowd that is nothing like I have experienced before… It’s like a rushing river of vibes coming straight to the DJ booth. The vibes were so intense, that it ate my butterflies right up. Them 18th century (and EXIT peeps) who built this, really knew their math for the perfect vibe. This is proof dreams do come true for all you upcoming artists, this is the DREAM!” – this was her message after an unforgettable set at EXIT’s Dance Arena this July. The emotions she took home from Serbia that night were apparently strong enough to remain in her heart to this day!