EXIT Festival Founder Dušan Kovačević: Top 10 Things We’re Most Proud of About This Year’s Festival!

As the countdown begins for the start of EXIT Festival, where the gates of Petrovaradin Fortress will open at 7 p.m. tonight, we are ready for an unforgettable four-day celebration of diverse musical genres with world-class stars.

6. July 2023. — Author: EXIT

Additionally, we are ready for social activism and the huge strides forward that this European festival champion continues to take with every event. Founder and director of EXIT, Dušan Kovačević, highlights the ten pivotal moments in preparing and implementing this year’s festival edition!

1) EXIT Universe

Humanity needs to awaken if it wants to continue dancing on our beautiful planet!“ – announced Dušan Kovačević, the festival’s founder and director. It’s time for us to step outside our comfort zone and collectively stride into EXIT Universe, where individual and collective potential is limitless, and each of us is the brightest star.

2) Star-Studded Lineup Featuring The Prodigy, Wu-Tang Clan, Skrillex, Eric Prydz… 

This year’s lineup includes some of the biggest stars in music, from The Prodigy to the Wu-Tang Clan, and features performances by Skrillex, Eric Prydz, Nina Kraviz, Indira Paganotto, Amelie Lens, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Alesso, Claptone, Epica, Viagra Boys… “Get ready for a stellar big bang,” Kovačević says!

3) Triple Ceremony and a Historical Festival-Opening From Space!

Starting with a cocoa ceremony at Pachamama stage at 7:30 p.m., moving to the majestic Vylana at mts Dance Arena at 9 p.m., and finally, to Aubrey Marcus’s speech on Gorki List Main Stage and the festival’s extraterrestrial opening at 10:30 p.m. – these ceremonies will open portals into new dimensions and doors to the New Earth!

4) “Life Is Live” Campaign with UNICEF

“We refuse to be fully absorbed by the matrix of the online world,“ declares Dušan Kovačević. EXIT Foundation and UNICEF have launched theLife Is Livecampaign to raise awareness about the importance of caring for young people’s mental health. The campaign emphasizes the importance of face-to-face interaction for mental health, particularly in the digital age. There will be two “phone-free” zones at the festival where attendees can take a break from the digital world and fully immerse themselves in the festival environment.

5) All-Female Lineups on the Festival’s Two Biggest Stages

A double all-female concept will be introduced on the festival’s two most prominent stages, with a star-studded techno lineup featuring Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, and Indira Paganotto on mts Dance Arena tonight, and Senidah, Mimi Mercedez, Sajsi MC, and Kejt on Gorki List Main Stage on Saturday!

6) EXIT Music & Talent Office

This year, EXIT launched its Music & Talent Office to fully leverage its influence in the music industry and its close ties with leading global music and booking agencies. It aims to support promising and talented musicians from our region on their journey to stardom. The office’s first representative, Lanna, a wunderkind of the regional electronic scene, will stand shoulder to shoulder with Nina, Indira, and Amelie during the all-female evening at the colossal mts Dance Arena!

7) Grand Celebration of 50 Years of Hip-Hop Featuring Rap Gods!

Rap gods Wu-Tang Clan lead the grand celebration of 50 years of hip-hop at the Petrovaradin Fortress. Over 60 stars of the genre will join them throughout the four festival nights!

8) The Prodigy’s Historic Return to EXIT!

“If I had to pick one band from the lineup, it would be The Prodigy’s comeback concert – this will be historical for them and all of us,“ says the festival founder. Liam Howlett, the creative force behind this monumental band, previously named EXIT their favorite festival. He promised an unforgettable night in an exclusive interview before the festival!

9) Natural High Zones With Organic Cocoa at the Festival!

The Petrovaradin Fortress will also feature two 100% Natural High zones, where attendees can enjoy completely natural cocoa, a drink that replenishes energy, stimulates happiness hormones, and has numerous health benefits. “You have to try it and get the completely natural and healthy high that you haven’t expected,“ advises Kovačević.

10) Epic Closing of This Year’s EXIT Festival With Keinemusik

The epic closing of this year’s mts Dance Arena will be handled by the currently most in-demand production and DJ collective, Keinemusik. They’ll lead us into the most beautiful sunrise over EXIT’s electronic music temple, with the party lasting until the early morning hours!