Welcome to EXIT Festival!
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Welcome to EXIT!

EXIT Festival’s Hip-Hop Line-Up, Headlined by Trap Pioneer Gucci Mane, Includes Over 50 Global and Regional Stars!

Last year, the EXIT Festival made waves with a grand celebration of hip-hop's 50th anniversary featuring the genre's founders, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. This July, the festival continues to honor the art of laying down rhymes to a beat with a diverse line-up of over 50 stars from the global and regional scenes, representing the old and new schools of this unstoppable genre!

12. June 2024. — Author: EXIT

 Leading the powerful Gang program is none other than Gucci Mane, the trailblazer of the globally acclaimed trap movement. Joining him is a formidable lineup including Amna, Bad Copy, Đorđe, Edo Maajka, Fox, Grše, Helem Nejse, Kuku$, Prti Bee Gee, Sajsi MC, Z++, and many more, spread across three festival stages – Tesla Universe, Visa Fusion, and of course, the fierce epicenter of the sharpest rhymes and thickest beats, the Gang Beats stage!

One of the most exclusive performances at the upcoming EXIT Festival will undoubtedly be by the unrivaled Gucci Mane, the pioneer of trap and the founder of a music genre that has taken the world by storm. With his debut album Trap House in 2005, Mane laid the foundation for a whole new (sub)genre, and a host of its representatives are set to storm Petrovaradin Fortress this July! 

The Tesla Universe main stage will feature rising local trap sensation Đorđe, also known as Klinac. His hits like U Sumrak/Svetla,“ “Molitva,and Nemam mirahave garnered over 50 million views on YouTube, while he also released the album Borba under the name Đorđe. Joining him is the authentic regional sensation Z++, known for crowd favorites like kabriolet,” “crno + zlatno,” “Adrenalin, and the well-loved Ljeto već je gotovo. Reinforcements on the main festival stage also include Thicc Boi b2b XO.

On the festival’s favorite multi-genre crossroads, the Visa Fusion stage, expect to hear the hit rhymes of Kabadahija,” “Prikaze,” “esi mi dobar,” “Mamma Mia,and Real Slavs,from a fantastic regional quintet featuring Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leading rappers Helem Nejse and Edo Maajka, the hip-hop heroes of Belgrade’s streets Bad Copy, and Croatia’s trap leaders Grše and Kuku$! 

The diversity of the genre will come alive over four festival nights on the Gang Beats stage with YouTube Trending princess Amna and her hit Lagana,the unstoppable trap guru Fox, old school giants Prti Bee Gee, and Serbia’s first female rapper Sajsi MC, who leads a robust lineup of new-generation trap and rap artists. This strong female force includes Bejbi Motorola x Thea Texxxas, Masayah, Micka Lifa, Mlada Beba, Pretty Loud, Sassja, Tam & Jymenik, and Zevin! Also joining the lineup are Bebi, Faberge, FTP, Gerum, Psihoaktiv Trip, Rie, Rođeni, Rouzi x Jowam, Swana, Viking Krew, and Zee x Matej Foltz x Young Dadi! 

The sanctuary of the most diverse trap sounds will also feature AV47, Bulch, Don Skarr 13, Em, Funky Guru, Masta, Mejsi, Mitich, Nadya, Dante, Šele, TNG, Amnezija, DJ Kopy, DZI, Fich, Keyri, Kultura, Mai Tai, Sara, Thicc Boi, XO and Yung Bessi.The next edition of the EXIT Festival, with the theme EXIT Starseeds and the slogan “Awakening Our Superpowers Together,” will be held from July 11 to 14, 2024, at Petrovaradin Fortress. The special Day 0 on July 10 is reserved for an exclusive Starseeds Takeover performance on the Tesla Universe stage. Four-day tickets as well as one-day passes are available here.