EXIT Festival’s Iconic Stage Fuses Electronica, Rock, and Pop: Visa Fusion to Feature Mezerg, Urban & 4, Ida Prester & Lollobrigida, Marčelo and More!

This year, one of the largest and most beloved stages at the Petrovaradin Fortress, Visa Fusion, is set to dazzle again with an eclectic blend of sounds from around the world, the region, and our own backyard.

9. May 2024. — Author: EXIT

The lineup is bursting with talent, including the likes of Mezerg, Urban & 4, Ida Prester & Lollobrigida, Marčelo, and Marko Luis. They will be joined by Vizelj, Proto Tip, and Sitzpinker as part of the Hali Gali showcase, along with Iva Lorens, Nika Turković, Filip Baloš, Luka Rajič, and Zhiva. And there are still more names to come! These artists will complement an already vibrant program featuring Villagers of Ioannina City, Lakeside X, Ritam Nereda, and Funk Shui. As always, winners of the ongoing Play @ EXIT competition will also take the stage, maintaining the tradition of discovering and showcasing new talent. 

Widely recognized as the most engaging stage for local and regional audiences, Visa Fusion promises a diverse array of rhythms that will keep you dancing and make your four days at the festival truly unforgettable. 

Mezerg, a virtuoso instrumentalist and a pioneer in modern musical technology, is known for his creative genius. He crafts electronic music with unexpected elements, ranging from funk to acid techno, improvising with keyboards, effect pedals, and a theremin — a hallmark of his performances. At EXIT, he will create an atmosphere reminiscent of jazz bars and nightclubs worldwide, swirling with energy and blending house music with acoustic performances in a tribute to the vibrant nightlife scene. 

Damir Urban, a stalwart of the Croatian alternative rock scene, will grace the Fortress with his band Urban & 4, which also includes Luka  Toman, Marko Bradaschia, Sandi Bratonja, and Saša Markovski. Active since 1996, this ensemble has nearly three decades of experience delivering a unique mix of electro, rock, and alternative sounds. From their debut album “Otrovna kiša” to recent releases like “Sama,” “Iskra,” “Kavez Nije Dom,” from the album “Lipanj, Srpanj, Kolovoz,” and their latest single “Blijeda u proljeće,” Urban & 4 continue to enchant audiences who have remained loyal for 28 years.

Ida Prester & Lollobrigida, a band renowned for their vibrant energy, returns to the Fusion stage to share tales of fresh starts, past loves, and new beginnings through their distinctive sound that blends pop, punk, and electropop. Fans will also get the chance to sing along to hits from Ida’s solo album “Sad,” including tracks like “Minuta,” “70,” “Luda,” and many more. Celebrating 20 years in the music scene, Ida credits the EXIT Festival as a pivotal platform in her career. “EXIT first recognized Lollobrigida when we were just punky girls in colorful leggings and pink tulle skirts. Our debut at EXIT was 20 years ago, in 2004, at the Electrana stage, when we were still a duo of university students with a demo album. We couldn’t believe it when Peđa from Electrana invited us to perform. It was an incredible boost at just the right time, opening doors for all other festival and club gigs after that. Over the years, we’ve played at almost every edition of the festival, about fifteen times in total. It’s time I got a golden key to the Fortress,” Ida remarks. With the audience eagerly awaiting her performances now and in the future, she promises to bring the same dynamism to the stage even at 70. 

Marčelo and his band also mark two decades of eclectic musical exploration, making the Fusion stage the perfect setting for their diverse approach. Their performance will be a journey through time, from the raw hip hop of “De facto” to the lavish genre blends of “Nojeva varka” that Marčelo and his crew craft today. The stage will host the complete ensemble of international talent, including Nevena Glibetić Nensi (vocals), Rade Sklopić Raid Kyu (turntables, keyboards), Aleksandar Jovanović Šljuka (keyboards, vocals), Filip Krumes (violin), Max Kochetov (saxophone), Marko Fabry (bass), and Aleksandar Cvetković Drama (drums). 

Marko Louis, known for his soulful Balkan music and weaving multicultural rhythms and melodies, will bring a touch of home and the world to the stage. This year’s lineup also features the unique Hali Gali Showcase, with a performance by Vizelj, one of the most recognized names in Serbia’s alternative music scene, and founding bands of the Hali Gali collective Proto Tip and Sitzpinker. 

Iva Lorens, a young and talented singer-songwriter who has previously graced the Main Stage, returns with her debut album “Svitanje,” which has solidified her presence in the domestic pop scene, along with her latest single “Dom.” This track put her in the spotlight at Serbia’s Eurovision selection, Pesma Za Evroviziju, and helped her win the nation’s hearts. 

Croatian pop diva Nika Turković, who captured audiences at EXIT’s Sea Star festival last year, will make her debut at the Petrovaradin Fortress. She brings her vivid pop melodies and the tender, fragile lyrics from her debut album “11”  to a new setting in Novi Sad. 

Novi Sad pop singer Filip Baloš will also make his EXIT debut, having stood out at Pesma Za Evroviziju with the songs “Novi Plan Drugi San” and “Duga je Noć.” Joining him is Luka Rajić, a promising young artist from Belgrade who gained significant attention with his hit “Ludim,” which took over TikTok three years ago. Zhiva will bring alternative pop, jazz, hip-hop, drum’n’bass, and reggae to Fusion with her incredibly energetic presence and unique debut album, “Preterujem,“ focused on mental health. 

The next edition of the EXIT Festival, themed EXIT Starseeds with the slogan “Awakening Our Superpowers Together,” will be held from July 11 to 14, 2024 at the Petrovaradin Fortress. A special “day zero” on July 10 is reserved for a unique Starseeds Takeover performance on the Tesla Universe Stage.

Four-day passes as well as individual one-day tickets are available here.