EXIT Unveils Another Powerful Track – Human Rias & ANDATA “I Can Feel You”

Only a month after EXIT's record label introduced its first release – Space Motion & JES's "Universe," a track that took the electronic music world and charts by storm, EXIT Soundscape presents another powerful creation. This time, it's Human Rias & ANDATA feat. ELZN with the single titled "I Can Feel You."

12. October 2023. — Author: EXIT

Human Rias, an integral part of EXIT family, is widely renowned in music circles as an artist who puts his heart into every performance, particularly on some of the world’s biggest festival stages. This German-Iranian producer has made a mark in EXIT’s history as the only DJ to both open and close Dance Arena, fulfilling a spontaneous audience request and climbing the stage right after the duo ARTBAT! At that moment, the gigantic dance floor was buzzing with the energy of 25,000 people.

The haunting and electrifying “I Can Feel You,“ co-authored by Human, the German duo ANDATA, and singer ELZN, offers a flawless fusion of robust rhythm machines and synths with infectious vocals that compel you to dance. EXIT festival fans have already had the chance to hear this track earlier this year when Human closed the Dance Arena.

“To me, the song ‘I Can Feel You’ is a description of happiness, joy, love, and sorrow – all at the same time. It was also the perfect track to close my set at the Dance Arena, which I consider my home, and through it, I felt connected to everyone,” commented Human Rias on this occasion.

EZLN is a rising star, a vocalist with an incredibly distinctive voice that brings a special touch to any track she is on, and her contribution to “I Can Feel You” is impeccable. The duo ANDATA has already received support from numerous world-famous artists, including Amelie Lens, Adam Beyer, and Indira Paganotto, among others.

This release from EXIT Soundscape was also backed by digital distributor Paradise Worldwide, which partners with numerous artists and labels globally, handling music distribution, digital strategy, and publishing. The single “I Can Feel You” is available on Beatport, Apple Music, Spotify, and numerous other streaming platforms.

EXIT Soundscape, a record label under EXIT, was established as part of the EXIT Echosystem platform, whose mission is to offer comprehensive support and opportunities to promising musicians, fostering successful global careers through a music label, artist management, bookings, mentorship, and collaborations with leading international music stars and agencies.