EXIT’s Festivals Draw a Big Heart on the Map of the Balkans!

At the beginning of it all, there was EXIT. From its inception, the festival made history as the first massive gathering of the region’s youth after the 1990s conflict, establishing itself as a beacon of reconciliation.

1. March 2024. — Author: EXIT

As the organization grew, EXIT has, in just the last two years, staged 50 events across 12 countries, with its heart firmly rooted and beating in our region. Connecting the dots of EXIT’s regional events, including the latest addition, Unity84 Festival celebrating 40 years since the Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games this weekend, reveals precisely that – a giant heart symbolizing the love and synergy EXIT spreads across the former Yugoslavia.

“Symbolically, a festival commemorating one of the greatest achievements of the former Yugoslavia completes our regional heart. The Olympics stand for unity and a healthy spirit, values deeply woven into the DNA of our events,” said Dušan Kovačević, founder and CEO of EXIT Festival.

What is today an international and award-winning summer music festival was founded back in 2000, nearly a quarter-century ago. It is held annually at one of the world’s most stunning festival venues – the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad. EXIT has gained global recognition through the big names that have graced its stages, its numerous visitors from all around the world, and its well-known and carefully preserved magical energy. 

From its early years, EXIT built a strong reputation as a youth social movement and positioned itself as a pillar of reconciliation in the region. With the aim of nurturing the values of peace and freedom, the organization added many other events to the flagship festival, namely No Sleep in Belgrade, Sea Dance and Ada Divine Awakening in Montenegro, Sea Star in Croatia, Get EXITed in North Macedonia, and the latest addition to the EXIT festival familyUnity84 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together, they serve to showcase universal love and co-creation in the region.

EXIT’s big heart is also depicted in an animated clip, with the musical backdrop fittingly provided by one of the most successful producers from our region, Space Motion, along with American singer JES. The track Universe, which has spent 12 consecutive weeks at the top of the Beatport Hype: Melodic House & Techno chart, marks the first release from EXIT’s growing record label, Soundscape.

Besides regional festivals, EXIT organizes numerous events in Europe and worldwide. In 2023 alone, EXIT team produced 24 events in 13 cities and 6 countries worldwide. Together with 2022, this adds up to as many as 50 events across 12 countries, drawing around a million visitors from every corner of the globe.