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Welcome to EXIT!

From Timeless Legends to Rising Stars: EXIT Festival Welcomes Carl Cox, Bonobo, Black Coffee, Artbat, Sara Landry, I Hate Models, and Many More for What Might Be the Strongest Electronic Line-Up in the World This Year!

In just over a month, the EXIT festival will serve as the meeting point for an all-star cast, united for one of the best electronic line-ups in the world this year!

6. June 2024. — Author: EXIT

In the temple of electronic music, you’ll have the unique opportunity to see both absolute legends and megastars like Carl Cox, Bonobo, Black Coffee, and Maceo Plex, and the leading figures of this generation’s techno and house scene, such as I Hate Models, KlangKuenstler, Patrick Mason, Franky Wah, Barry Can’t Swim, Sama’ Abdulhadi, and many others. As has just been announced, on Friday, July 12, Argy and Vintage Culture will bring the world premiere of their back-to-back set to the mts Dance Arena. That night will also feature the most sought-after producer and DJ duo, ARTBAT, along with India’s leading producer, Avantika, as well as Human Rias and Lanna!

Titans of electronic music and beat masters will deliver the most diverse soundscape across the medieval moats of the Petrovaradin Fortress. At the NSNS Refreshed by Heineken Silver stage, the queen of hard techno, Sara Landry, will make her mark. Joining her on the same stage will be the leading representatives of the underground scene: Kobosil, Yotto, Helena Hauff, Cassie Raptor, Francis Mercier, Estella Boersma, Henry Saiz, Oguz, and many more! The genre diversity will please even the most discerning fans across three more stages: Together X House by IQOS, Urban Bug, and Gaia Trance!

One of the biggest boosts to the fantastic line-up at the mts Dance Arena this year comes in the form of the Ukrainian duo Artbat. They’ve proven themselves as trendsetters in modern dance music, and just a few days ago, they released a remix of the legendary Chemical Brothers’ hit “Hey Boy Hey Girl,” openly showing their admiration for the iconic duo. They will be arriving in Novi Sad fresh off their performance at Exit’s Sea Star festival in Umag, where they had the Blue Lagoon dancing like there’s no tomorrow. 

This year’s EXIT Festival will make history as two titans of electronic music, Argy and Vintage Culture, join forces for the world premiere of their back-to-back set! Argy has left a profound mark on the electronic music scene, enriching it further this March with the LP New World.” His stage partner, Vintage Culture, has showcased his impeccable skills for 13 years, blending melodic and progressive techno with retro house vibes. Expectations are equally high for EXIT’s wunderkind, the 18-year-old Lanna, who arrives in Novi Sad after setting the atmosphere ablaze at the famous Hï Ibiza, performing alongside stars like Meduza & James Hype, Ida Engberg, and Chelina Manuhutu.

On Thursday, July 11, fans at the mts Dance Arena will be led through the night by none other than the legendary Carl Cox, a man synonymous with the DJ profession. He will be joined by KlangKuenstler and the pioneer of Palestinian electronic sound, Sama’ Abdulhadi. That same evening, at the NSNS Refreshed By Heineken Silver stage, Yotto will ignite the crowd with his progressive house set. Kobosil and Estella Boersma will take the stage the following day with their distinctive blend of house, techno, and indie sounds.

Proving that EXIT has gathered the “crème de la crème” of electronic music, Saturday, July 13, at the mts Dance Arena will feature techno master Maceo Plex, next-gen techno star I Hate Models, and the eccentric techno and house wizard Patrick Mason. The third day of the festival at the NSNS Refreshed By Heineken Silver stage will be marked by the performance of Francis Mercier, along with Awen, Sona, and others.

Closing out the mts Dance Arena on Sunday, July 14, will be the Grammy-winning producer and DJ who sold out Madison Square GardenBlack Coffee.  Before that, the legendary Bonobo will take the stage with his unique sonic fusion, followed by Barry Can’t Swim, painting a dynamic musical landscape with his almost perfectly harmonious bass lines, and Carlita, bringing the sounds of the Middle East. On the final day at the NSNS Refreshed By Heineken Silver stage will feature the queen of hard techno, Sara Landry, as well as Helena Hauff.

Besides the two biggest electronic-music stages, we will see top-class sets on the Together X House by IQOS stage, with performances by Alex Wann, Antdot, Apache, Djeff, Fabrizio Marra, Kitty Amor, Maxi Meraki, Mont Rouge, Sasson, Sparrow & Barbossa, Anyushka, Deaf In Mini, Fanatik, and Oysha. 

Trance fans can look forward to an explosive lineup at the Gaia Trance stage featuring DJ Aquapipe, DJ Buca, DJ Cheda, Cosmic Dimension Live, DJ Damzah, DJ DaPeace, E-Clip Live, Egon’s Embrace Live, DJ Filip Nikolaevic, Imaginarium Live, DJ Lazanya, DJ Manda, DJ Mikica, DJ Mita, DJ Mozza, DJ Pura, Simia Live, DJ Stole, Syned Brain Live and DJ Zarma.

The festival’s favorite small stage, Urban Bug, will host 2 Much b2b Vein, Hudi b2b Aljoša, Layzie b2b Techa, Migazz b2b Kornwall, Milenko b2b Arnee, Miozz b2b Stefan Jović, Neshud b2b Irkah, Neutron, Needle b2b Hori, Novak, Rade Bađin b2b Poliformat, Runy b2b Mande, S.A.B.R.I. b2b Rikaya, Stameni b2b Mark Aasgier, Teachr b2b Butterfly.eff, THE b2b Zira, Vladimir Aćić b2b Danilo Vladušić, Vladimir Tucakov b2b Bokun, Wise D and Kobe, and Woodie b2b Danijel Kević. 

The next edition of the EXIT festival, themed EXIT Starseeds with the slogan “Awakening Our Superpowers Together,” will be held from July 11 to 14, 2024, at the Petrovaradin Fortress, with Day 0 on July 10 reserved for a special Starseeds Takeover performance at the Tesla Universe stage. Four-day tickets as well as one-day passes and Day 0 tickets are available here.