Full lineup for one of the best-ever editions of EXIT festival revealed! The Prodigy, Wu-Tang Clan, Skrillex, and hundreds of other performers are heading to the Fortress!

The lineup for this year's edition of EXIT festival, promising to be one of the best so far, is officially finalized!

28. June 2023. — Author: EXIT

 From July 6 to 9, with the support of Gorki List, Petrovaradin Fortress will welcome performers who have defined entire music genres – electro-punk pioneers The Prodigy, the greatest hip-hop group of all time, Wu-Tang Clan, Grammy record holder Skrillex, and #1 electronic music star Eric Prydz! EXIT will also host Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Indira Paganotto, Alesso, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Chase & Status, Viagra Boys, Epica, Sofi Tukker, LF System, Keinemusik, Mahmut Orhan, Onyx, Claptone, and Hot Since 82. They are joined by hundreds of other names on over 40 festival stages and zones!

EXIT continues to foster the multi-genre approach for which it is widely known, so festival fans will be able to enjoy global hits, the best electronic-music program, fierce heavy metal, punk and rock riffs, old-school hip-hop, as well as trap, drum’n’bass, reggae, and Latin sounds! Due to interest exceeding all expectations, current ticket prices will be valid until Friday, June 30!

Gorki List Main Stage

Gorki List Main Stage of EXIT Festival on Thursday, July 6, will be graced by the band on the most in-demand tour in the world, The Prodigy, as well as the greatest hip-hop group of all time, Wu-Tang Clan, who will mark the grand celebration of 50 years of hip-hop at the Petrovaradin Fortress with their performance on the last day of the festival, Sunday, July 9. Joining them during the four days of the festival will be the leading stars of global electronic music, Skrillex, Alesso, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, LF System, and Claptone, drum & bass icons Chase & Status, Charlie Tee, and Gardna, as well as the energetic, colorful jungle-pop duo Sofi Tukker and hitmakers Mahmut Orhan and Burak Yeter. Uncompromising guitar riffs will be delivered by Epica and Viagra Boys, as well as local bands Jenner, Šajzerbiterlemon, Ground Zero, and War Engine. Saturday, July 8, is reserved for a powerful all-female program featuring Senidah, Mimi Mercedez, Sajsi MC, Kejt, and Lady Lee, who will also perform with her project iLee. The #Blackout30 Showcase on the last day of the festival, Sunday, July 9, will be led by old-school hip-hop legends Onyx, followed by the founder of the Blackout hip-hop community Phat Phillie, Bolesna Braća, Prti Bee Gee, Smoke Mardeljano, Ajs Nigrutin, and Bege Fank. Also planned is a meeting of international, regional, and local performers of different generations, when within the unique EXIT Gang Main Stage Takeover, the microphone will be shared by Russian hip-hop duo Aigel, Fox & Surreal, Tam, Macha Ravel, Micka Lifa, and Thicc Boi. 

mts Dance Arena

EXIT’s temple of electronic music, mts Dance Arena, will kick off with another unique all-female concept, led by the most powerful women in the global electronic-music scene – Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Indira Paganotto, as well as Vylana Marcus, Tijana T, Lanna, and Miju. In addition to them, the festival audience will get to enjoy the #1 star in electronic music Eric Prydz, the currently most sought-after producer/DJ collective Keinemusik, who will provide a spectacular closing on the last day of the festival, as well as Hot Since 82, Camelphat, Vintage Culture, Ben Böhmer live, Mind Against, Agents of Time live, Gioli & Assia live, Gheist live, 8Kays, and Layla Benitez. The strong regional line-up comprises Mene, Coeus, Marko Nastić, Kristijan Molnar, Space Motion, Human Rias, Cosmic G, Goran Starčević, and IDQ. 

Visa Fusion Stage

Visa Fusion stage, one of EXIT’s most enduring and influential, is renowned for blending a myriad of musical genres from globally acclaimed and regional performers. This year, the stage will be graced by heavy hitters like The Toasters, Dry Cleaning, Pero Defformero, Mortal Kombat, Atheist Rap, Sunshine, Nikola Vranjković, Freekind, Spasibo, Ploho, Bojana Vunturišević, Dzipsii, Zoe Kida, Porto Morto and Rudeboy Plays Urban Dance Squad ft DJ DNA. Sharing the spotlight with these stalwarts are Crni Cerak i Lacku, Hiljson Mandela, z++, Prti Bee Gee, Smoke Mardeljano & Ajs Nigrutin, and Kendi. The stage will also host the emerging talents, finalists of this year’s HEMI Music AwardsBad Focus, K not K, Manna, and Dina Jashari & Drugari, as well as the winners of the Play at EXIT competition, the bands Jolly Little Bunch, Short Reports, SickSoul and TBK, and the multi-talented instrumentalist Petar Z.

Explosive Stage

EXIT festival’s Explosive stage, known as the fiercest of all, will reverberate with the guitar riffs delivered by a lineup of heavy hitters, including Wolfbrigade, Exciter, Cockney Rejects, Daikaiju, Mirror, Armada, Massacre, Bombarder, Ignite, Midnight, Nervochaos, Night Fever, The Bar Stool Preachers, 3 A.M., Affliction, Claymorean, Dead Dog Summer, Dead Joker, Fiskalni račun, Flesh, Hak Attak, Hyperborea, Larska, Polywhy, Punkreas, Sarcasm, Sur Austru, Svlak, Urban Instinkt, Violentor, Vršnjačko nasilje, and V Okovih.

NSNS Stage refreshed by Heineken Silver

The fan-favorite NSNS stage, a crossroad of underground genres in the global electronic music scene, is set to host a diverse lineup, including Anetha, Patrick Mason, Partiboi69, Avalon Emerson, Ben UFO, Shimza, Carlita, Desiree, X-Coast, Koboyo b2b Raven, Krystal Klear, Cici, DJ Brka & Runy, Luton b2b Šćepine Vragolije, Vahicabi, Asarri, Jovana Takač, Katalina b2b Muhi, Rade Badjin, and Danilo Kas b2b Sergej Krstić.

Gang Beats

Gang Beats stage welcomes both local and regional representatives of the hip-hop and trap sound, including established stage residents as well as rising talents. They include Mimi Mercedez, Fox & Surreal, Bolesna braća, Grše, 30Zona, Bigru & Paja Kratak, Sajsi MC, Cunami Flo, Bore Balboa, Ognjen, Kene Beri & Spejs Noksi, Macha Ravel, Bekfleš, Faberge & KZA, FTP, RNB Confusion Soundsystem W. DJ Turk & Zembo Latifa, Gerum, AV47, Ružno Pače, Tam, 2xŠihta, Yung Bude, TTM, Dino Blunt, Micka Lifa, Podočnjaci, Thicc Boi, Keyri, FAM, Fich, Jymenik x Mlada Beba, Kultura, Sarchy, Bejbi Motorola & Thea, Big Drip, Matej Folz x Young Dadi, Bulch, Purpose, Viking Krew, Zee, Rođeni, Ena, and Rouzi. 

Pachamama powered by Rosa

This year, Pachamama stage brings the cream of the world music genre crop and a slew of incredible performances, offering the essence of Ada Divine Awakening festival at EXIT. The line-up features Vylana Marcus, Laura Escude, DJ Tebra, It’s a Global Thing ft. Black City Boys, Hearts Liberated, Deep Steady, Sarasvati Druna Band, Dub Duba, Klo Klo, Natasha Devi, DJ Djordje Bastovanovic, Nektarije, Julia Castellucci, Shi Cu, Lo-Fi Falafel, DJ Kalje Vest, The Durians, DJ Killo Killo and Sounds of Zez. They’re bringing a unique energy to a stage that continues to grow year after year, opening up a new musical frontier within the Fortress. 


X-Bass, a hidden gem for drum’n’bass fans, will be cranking it up a notch this year by hosting genre titans and rising stars alike, including State of Mind, Jade, Monrroe, and Youphoria. Delivering a punchy local and regional undercard are Missin, Bane, Bo Jah MC, Buzzin, C:Critz, Drumsta, DSPT, Drop Sensei, Indukt, Kritik, Rebar, Slink, Souldrive, Statik, Shizzla, Tendo, Quantrussyan, Dozet, Lysergic, Vetas, and Zooter.

GAIA Trance Stage

At the GAIA Trance stage this year, we’re rolling out the red carpet for Species live, Imaginarium, Flegma, Zyce live, Ectima, Andjela, Albert, Hruscsov, Solar Kid, Cheda, Vlada, Zarma, Stole, Pura, Mozza, Manda, Dapeace, and Aquapipe.

Latino Stage by IDEA

Latino stage by IDEA will set the dance floor alight with performances from DJ Sesha, DJ Rey, Gatto Gabriel ft. Mad Pianos, Reny & Roxi, Surma, Tito, Allegro, Zero Witches, Sosabi, Brazil Sambalkinhas, Salsa y Punto, Dale Reggeatton, Pablo & Mauri, Orient Express, DJ Sinny, DJ Ice, DJ Beathoven, DJ Arceo, as well as Casanova and Latina Fitness Power.

Urban Bug Stage

Urban Bug stage will gather local and regional forces from different corners of the electronic music scene. The line-up is chock-a-block with solo performances and energetic B2B sets featuring Antrax, Carlo, Dakman b2b Dakissa, Deeman, Doo, Harry Quarter, Hobin Rude, Layzie, Luka Jukić, Mancha, Mark Panic, Migazz, Milanko Trifunčević, Miloš Vujović, Nemansky b2b Theanilo, Novak, Pao Pausto, Paragon b2b Impedansa, Rade Bajin b2b Poliformat, Ranchatek b2b D.R.N.D.Y., Rudhaman, Runy, Slobodan Jevremović, Stamina b2b Teodora Jarić, Stiv, Svemirski Mjau, Teachr b2b Wortexx, The + b2b Mina Poznanović, Vanović b2b Nezoob, Wocky, Zagi b2b Dimic, Hudi b2b Sicilio, Zira b2b Gostoja, Zarez b2b Vladislav Rashkov, Wocky b2b Svemirski Mjau, Vladimir Tucakov b2b Bokun, Vanja Bursać b2b Vojkan Bećir b2b Alek Bošković, Una Nikolić b2b Despić, Una Andrea b2b Anyshka, Slobodan Jevremović b2b Carlo Gotovac, Sho b2b Jovana Takač, Rudhaman b2b Milanko Trifunčević, Perfect Pitch DJS, Pao Pausto b2b Lanna, Ogun b2b Burakcan, Novak b2b Fakir, Neutron b2b Vanja Babić, Nadežda Dimitrijević b2b Vuk Smiljanić, Migazz b2b Novak, Mekhu b2b Machado b2b Aljoša, Mark Andersson b2b Novak Vuković, Marina Mimoza b2b Pink Palindrome, Manjane b2b J-House, Mancha b2b Mark Panic, Luton b2b Šćepine Vragolije b2b Danilo Kas, Luka Jukić b2b Miloš Drvenica,  Lehel b2b Papachek, Layzie b2b Techa, Kristijan Šajković b2b Janko, Knower b2b Stenik, Inner Sense, Hobin Rude b2b Igor D, Harry Quarter b2b Machiavelli, Goran Kan b2b Lesya, Filthy Kid b2b Miloš Vujović, Essio b2b Aleksssa, Dimitri J b2b Padre, Denni b2b Victoria, Deeman b2b Stiv, Denis Dražić b2b Spicy Flamingo and Antrax b2b Sofija. 

Radio AS FM Stage

Radio AS FM stage at this year’s festival will be welcoming Ra5ik, Jjoy, Macro, The Vibe Radioshow, Supertons, Groover, Morning Indian, Spear, Vanjanja, Lena Glish, and Peryz b2b Daave.

Wenti Wandada Positive Vibrations Reggae

The much-loved Reggae stage will host Ital Vision, Salmanovicc, King Calypso, Gigatron Selecta, ShowMe Selecta, Skadam, RootsInSession, AKKA, Jahmessenjah sound system, Herbal Queen, Little Shuja, Deadly Hunta, Hornsman Coyote DJ set, DJ STK, DJ/MC Killo Killo, Del Arno Band, Old Youth Selectah, Mizizi Selectah, Bush Mad Squad, DJ elioH, Butchaa and Tommy T.

Together X. House by IQOS

The Together X. House by IQOS stage will play host to talents like Nitefreak, Mark Funk b2b Danny Cruz, Jo:Le, Deaf in Mini, Ned O’Neil, Lisa, Ogyy, Fabrizio Marra, Karyen Da Soul, Luka Cikic, IDQ DJ set, BDM, atsou, Le Croque, LIVA K, AWEN and Caiiro.

Tickets can be found here.