EXIT 2023 Giveaway

Gifts for EXIT 2023 Ticket Holders on the 23rd of Every Month

Thank you for being among the first to buy EXIT 2023 festival tickets! The time has come for you to keep an eye on this page and see whether you will be one of the lucky winners of gifts intended for those who purchased their tickets within the first 48 hours of the beginning of sales, that is, until the 17th of November at noon, or as a registered user.

This is a sign of our gratitude for showing us how much you care about EXIT. We are starting a new chapter together at the Petrovaradin Fortress, from the 6th to the 9th of July 2023, by entering the EXIT Universe!

All you have to do is register here no later than 22nd November 2022 at noon and enter your personal information (name, last name, e-mail address). Winners will be drawn on the 23rd of each month.

If you applied for our giveaway between the 15th and the 22nd of November, you can win fantastic monthly gifts, includingtickets to parties, concerts, and festivals, exclusive EXIT Infinite Experience wristbands, merch, VIP upgrades as well as many other surprises that we will announce in the coming months.

Here we will publish the winners’ names and the gifts they won. If you see your name among the winners, be sure to contact us at [email protected] so that we can verify your personal information and arrange for you to receive your gift.

We wish you the best of luck, and thank you for looking forward to the next EXIT!

Winners of the July Giveaway draw are:

Boris Brejcha in Belgrade Regular Tickets x2:
• Dušan Ostojić

Tickets for a special surprise event x2:
• Jovan Gucunja

Winner of the May Giveaway draw is:

EXIT Festival One-day ticket (Sunday) x2:
• Džana Nalić

Winners of the April Giveaway draw are:

Belgrade Dance Arena Takeover with Paul Kalkbrenner Regular Tickets x2:
• Jelena Nikolić
• Aleksandra Lazarević

Sea Sta Festival Regular Tickets:
• Kristijan Frbežar

Winners of the March Giveaway draw are:

Dance Arena Belgrade Takeover with Hot Since 82 Regular tickets x2:
• Teodora Vlajić
• Borko Petrović
• Saša Majstorović
• arda özçelik

EXIT Festival One-day ticket (Sunday):
• Berk Belcioglu
• Adin Bajric

Winner of the February Giveaway draw is:

Sea Star Festival VIP ticket x2:
• Natalija Stojanović

Winners of the January Giveaway draw are:

Dance Arena Onstage x2:
• Derviša Muraspahić

Camp Ticket x2 :
• Adrijana Vujadin
• Dijana Djokic
• Sasa Milosevic

Merch package:
• Dragana Tabak
• Nikola Jovanović
• Nikola Janeš

Winners of the December Giveaway draw are:

Dance Arena Onstage x2:
• Andrea Tešić

Signed merch:
• Leo Stevović

Merch package:
• Arda Özçelik
• Dijana Đokić
• Stevan Čelper
• Çilem Fidan

Winners of the November Giveaway draw are:

Infinite Experience x2:
• Dogu Fidan

Deborah De Luca VIP x2:
• Fjodor Miladinović
• Jovanka Mijatović
• Igor Vuković
• Michael Edwards
• Božidar Todorović

Deborah De Luca Regular x2:
• Tomás Barrionuevo
• Laura Erceg
• Berk Belcioglu
• Elizabeta Adembegović
• Didem Dirin

Camp Ticket x2:
• Relja Riznic
• Gábor Barabás
• Alp duran
• Jelena Nikolić

Get EXITed with Guy Gerber in Sarajevo Ticket x2:
• Ivana Knežević