Hot Since 82 — Heat That Moves Us and Makes Us Dance

Rarely does one's career start like a scene from a movie. Imagine you're at a party, the music stops, and you, even though you're not the DJ, decide to hook up your phone to the speakers and play your unfinished track to save the day. Of course, the song gets excellent feedback, and everyone starts asking about it and, therefore, about you. The song later gets the name “Let It Ride“ and becomes a big hit and the anthem of Ibiza, and the guy who made it decides to change his name, Daley Padley, to his stage name – Hot Since 82.

13. March 2023. — Author: EXIT

Of course, as it usually happens, he was first noticed by Pete Tong, who gave him the opportunity to be a guest on his BBC show. After that, his remixes were accepted by all the world’s electronic music big shots. His biggest hit was definitely “Bigger Than Prince”, a remix of Green Velvet’s track. In five years, he went from being a semi-anonymous guy who needed support, through parties in Ibiza and all the big global festivals, to being nominated for Producer of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards and winning the title of Best Tech House DJ at the DJ Awards. What more could you ask for?

In early 2020, he released his most famous album, “Recovery,” on which he examines the boundaries of electronic music and sails into more melodic waters. A bizarre year that it was, 2020 demanded that the emotions and stories that Daley Padley was hiding behind the dancing and partying exterior come to light. He collaborated with many big names from the electronic music scene on that album, including Rudimental, Jamie Jones, Boy George, and Miss Kittin.

Padley isn’t happy just throwing a classic party – I’m on stage, you come up front, I’m spinning, you’re dancing, everyone’s having a good time. No, his biography also includes the famous TAKEN parties with which he pushed the boundaries of throwing crazy parties. For these, the audience would provide written consent to be literally kidnapped and taken to an unknown place, where a Hot Since 82 party would last until the early morning. Those who have “lived through” such a party say that the experience is precisely what you would imagine – crazy and unforgettable.

He didn’t stop at TAKEN parties, so a lucky few (and millions of others via YouTube) could also see and enjoy his Labyrinth parties, the Cercle madness in Dubrovnik, but also pirate ships circling his favourite Ibiza. Seeing how much he cares about the concept of unique partying, we are lucky to have the chance to see him twice in a short period.

A touch of Latin and Afro sound in his regular house routine is undoubtedly an interesting new spice in his career. Maybe we miss the emotional rollercoaster that he got us used to on the previous album. But, of course, we will all dance together to his music, new and old, on Saturday, 25th March, in the Main Hangar of the Port of Belgrade, at the big EXIT Dance Arena Belgrade Takeover event, which will serve as a warm-up for one of the strongest-ever editions of Exit’s mts Dance Arena.

Written by: Miloš Dašić