Important information in one place: All about EXIT Festival 2019

4. July 2019. — Author: EXIT


There is a very limited number of EXIT festival tickets left so hurry up and get yours before they are sold out! Get all the info on the current prices and tickets availability here.

We urge all festival-goers to exchange their four-day EXIT festival tickets for festival wristbands which allow entering the festival. Points for exchanging your tickets/e-tickets for festival wristbands are open since Tuesday, July 2! 

We urge all festival-goers who bought four-day tickets (regular or VIP) to make the best of their time and exchange their tickets for festival wristbands on Tuesday, July 2 or Wednesday, July 3 in order to avoid queues on Thursday, July 4.

Four-day E-ticket needs to be printed out on a white A4 sized paper and shown while exchanging it for a wristband. E-ticket which is not printed out is not valid. A personal document is required during the exchange process for the purpose of determining nationality.

We remind all festival-goers who bought one-day tickets (regular, fan pit and VIP) the they are NOT EXCHANGED for festival wristbands. Visitors can use their one-day tickets or printed one-day E-tickets to enter the festival directly at the festival gates.

Locations and working hours of ticket exchange points are:

NOVI SAD CITY CENTER (in front of the Serbian National Theatre):

Tuesday, July 2, from 12 pm to 10 pm
Wednesday, July 3, from 12 pm to 10 pm
Thursday, July 4, from 12 pm to 12 am

FORTRESS (park at the Fortress):

Tuesday, July 2, from 10 am to 8 pm
Wednesday, July 3, from 10 am to 8 pm
Thursday, July 4, from 10 am to 3 am
Friday, July 5, from 6 pm to 3 am
Saturday, July 6, from 6 pm to 3 am
Sunday, July 7, from 6 pm to 3 am

ŠTRAND CAMPSITE (camp reception, available to all festival visitors, not only campers):

Tuesday, July 2, from 5 pm to 10 pm
Wednesday, July 3, from 5 pm to 10 pm
Thursday, July 4, from 5 pm to 12 am

The wristband placed on your left arm is valid for one person only, and allows only one entrance for each festival night, from 7pm to 3am.

Taking the wristband off is not allowed, and each damaged, or in any other way counterfeit or compromised wristband becomes invalid without the right to change it. Once the wristband is taken off, it is no longer valid.

Transferring the wristband onto another person, or any other form of unscrupulous usage are not allowed, with the organizer holidng every right of control and sanctioning in case of ticket abuse.

NOTICE: Everyone who previously registered their EXIT ticket and earned the right to a Sea Dance festival ticket have to keep their EXIT Festival wristband with the barcode after the festival. Getting a Sea Dance festival wristband will be impossible without the EXIT wristband and the barcode.


The EXIT festival gates will open every day at 7pm and close at 3am every night. After that, the entrance is no longer allowed.

We urge all visitors to arrive at the festival as early as possible, in order to avoid queues at the gates. Entrance to the festival is allowed only at clearly marked and secured entrances, and only with your ticket, festival wristband, or accreditation.

During the course of one day/night you can enter the festival only once. If you leave the site, the entrance officials will not allow you back in.

According to the Law of the Republic of Serbia, everyone is obliged to carry some form of personal documentation with them at the festival.

Apart from the festival security, the entrances are also controlled by the police, so as to prevent bringing in banned objects and substances to the festival.

More info on table reservations and other VIP preferences via [email protected].


You can check out the festival lineup here.

The festival timeline can be found here.

Check out the festival map below:

Have a look at the EXIT campsite map here:

During the festival the Fortress will feature billboards with precise maps of all stages, info stands, first aid, etc. Printed version of festival map and timeline will be available at EXIT info stands.


EXIT Village is by far the most popular gathering place for Exit visitors, a place where party never ends. It is situated at the Danube’s most beautiful beach – Štrand Beach, just a 20-minute walk from the festival. Hanging out with festivalgoers from every corner of the planet, chilling on the beach, partying by day, with cocktails and music that never ends, makes your stay inthe EXIT Village a truly special and unforgettable experience.

EXIT Village will be open this year from July 2 to 9. Apart from the standard camping offer which includes a camping place, visitors can secure all necessary camping equipment. EXIT Lux Campis sold out!

For more accommodation offers which are still available visit this page.


Here you will find info on:

Emergency and other important phone numbers are listed for you here.


All festival-goers can download a new EXIT Festival app 2019 edition which gives you access to information on all of the announced acts and their performances. Visit Google Play Store for an Android version or Apple Store for an iOS version. More on the app itself cen be found here.

*Notice: Since stage timings are variable and subject to change, it is important that you refresh your app when near a Wi-Fi hotspot or on GPRS/3G, so no information gets left out!

If you are visiting us from abroad, bear in mind that roaming expenses can be very high. Free Internet access can be found at all Wi-Fi zones at the Fortress and in the Novi Sad city center.


Festival Payment Card is the official and exclusive payment system for foods, drinks and other products at EXIT Festival and EXIT camp. After ordering your favorite food or drink, you pay for it by simply placing the card against the card reader available at every bar. You can also use the card reader to check the leftover amount on your card at any moment. Make sure that no one is paying at the moment you are checking your amount status, as the amount could be reduced from your card.

You can purchase the card at any festival or camp register marked with TOP UP and put a certain amount of money on the card. You need to pay the deposit of RSD 125, which will be returned to you during the refund at the end of the festival.

All registered Addiko Mobile Serbia app users and users who top-up their festival card using a Visa payment card are entitled to a 5-15% discount while paying for drinks at the festival. In this case, the deposit is not returned while refunding unused funds from the festival payment card.

Addiko Mobile Serbia mobile app users – with just one click you’ll get access to a registration form. While answering a few short questions and by recieving a confirmation mail, you will get a unique code which you have to show while getting your festival payment card. It takes 24 hours from activating your festival payment card at the top-up location until the discount is billed.

Addiko Bank clients who have an e-banking option can also apply for a 5-15% discount on drinks at the festival by clicking the banner in the app*.

*The discount is not valid for special offers.

Users of Visa payment card – If you top up your festival payment card by using your Visa payment card at all top up locations, you get a 5-15% discount while paying for drinks at the festival*.

*The discount is not valid for special offers.

You can withdraw unused funds at any moment at marked cashpoints (marked with “refundacija/refund”). It is necessary for the refund to be done at the festival or in the camp, since there will be no additional refunds available!

*Notice: Users who got a 5-15% discount while paying for drinks at the festival are not entitled to a deposit refund.

All info on the Festival Payment Card can be found here.


EXIT festival will once again provide a wide selection of food for its visitors, at four locations of the festival Foodland.

Central Foodland, located opposite to the main festival entrance has the following at visitors’ disposal: pastries, sausages, hot-dogs, French fries, sandwiches, crepes, pizza, pastas, barbecue, Chinese food, coffee, corn dog, whitebates and tornado potatoes.

Foodland next to the Main Stage provides pizza, barbecue, sandwiches, crepes, hot-dogs, burgers, sausages, ribs, pulled pork, churros, chimney cake, salads, kebab, coffee, popcorn, French fries, as well as a special offer of vegan food.

Foodland between Addiko Fusion Stage and Wenti Wadada Positive Reggae powered by NOIZZ Stage offers sausages, chicken, calamari, fish & chips, tornado potatoes, sandwiches, pizza, crepes, freshly squeezed juice, veggie burgers, burgers, pulled pork, philly cheese, popcorn and chimney cake, while the location at the Explosive stage features barbecue and hot meals.

Festival campers will have the EXIT Village Foodland at their disposal, with a wide variety of food, from barbecue, pizzas and crepes, to pressed juices and coffee.


Official EXIT merch is sold at the EXIT shop which is located next to the festival’s main entrance, across from the central Foodland. Over there you can buy carefully designed EXIT t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and other accessories using your EXIT payment card.


Here you will find a list of things you can bring to the festival venue as well as things which are for forbidden:

YES – backpacks (max. size – school backpack)
YES – hats and caps
YES – lighters
YES – cell phones and tablets
YES – sunglasses
YES – cigarettes and electronic cigarettes
YES – small umbrellas
YES – raincoats
YES – contact lenses liquid
YES – photo and video cameras (with an approved press pass)
YES – insulin (with a diabetes documentation and personal documents)
YES – medicine (with an original doctor’s report and original packaging)

NO – drugs and substances
NO – knives and other weapons
NO – bottles and cans
NO – instruments
NO – food and beverages bought outside of the festival venue
NO – tents
NO – pets
NO – large umbrellas
NO – covers
NO – selfie sticks
NO – GoPro sticks
NO – GoPro cameras
NO – power banks
NO – drones
NO – banners expressing hate speech regarding religion, race, sexual orientation etc.
NO – deodorants and perfume bottles


Lost and Found tent is situated at the central Foodland (across from the festivals main entrance). You can bring anything you found at the festival if you assume someone might have lost it (personal document, cell phone, wallet etc.) and also claim items you might have lost yourself. If you found or lost anything at the festival grounds you can also write at [email protected].

After the festival, lost things can be found at [email protected] on Monday, July 8 and from Tuesday, July 9 at the police station Petrovaradin, Joze Vlahovića 1.


We strongly advise all visitors not to come to the festival by car since most of the streets in Petrovaradin are closed and there is no parking space at the festival venue. The nearest parking spots can be found in Petrovaradin or across the bridge in Novi Sad. Instead, you should take a walk to the festival and enjoy the atmosphere in the streets to the fullest!

However, if you are coming by bicycle, this year we have provided a bicycle parking with a 24-hour security monitoring which is located next to the main entrance and the voucher exchange point. Bring your chain lock and see you at EXIT!


This year we are offering all our visitors a chance to dispose their belongings at small-sized and medium-sized safety lockers. Electricity is included in the locker. You can rent a locker for one day or all four festival days at the central Foodland where the lockers are located at the following prices:

  • 600 RSD (one day, small-sized locker)
  • 2.000 RSD (four days, small-sized locker)
  • 800 RSD (one day, middle-sized locker)
  • 3.000 RSD (four days, middle-sized locker)

Lockers are also available to all our campers in the EXIT Village at the following prices:

  • 2.300 RSD (seven days, small-sized locker)
  • 3.000 RSD (seven days, large locker)

All info on locker sizes and their rental are available at the EXIT Village main reception.


During all four days and nights at Exit festival, teams from the Red Cross will be on duty, as well as Medical crews and fire departments.

Depending on the sound volume at concerts, there is a possibility of hearing damage, and other health issues. Also, depending on the type of lighting effects used, there is a danger of sight damage and other health issues.

In case you need any assistance, talk to the security officials who are easily recognized by their fluorescent vests.


EXIT festival has been nurturing and developing mental health awareness for years, as an extremely important segment of overall health and life.

This year if you need psychological aid and support during the festival, you can seek for it at the festival camp and the festival venue, at the central Foodland. Our team members are psychologists and experienced volunteers from Centar Srce.


We are taking the festival experience one step further in providing to all our fans a full live EXIT festival coverage via social media! Our Facebook page and YouTube channel will feature a live stream of selected performances, while our Instagram and Flickr accounts will provide you with a selection of best photos for a glimpse of EXIT Freedom atmosphere!

Also, don’t forget to check our Twitter for latest updates and various important information.


If you didn’t find answers to any of your questions, feel free to talk to our kind staff at official EXIT info desks across the festival venue.