John Newman and Milky Chance bring the hottest global hits to Exit!

3. December 2015. — Author: EXIT

The new British soul star and one of the today’s most demanded singers John Newman, is set to perform on Saturday, 11th July at the Main Stage of Exit Festival. The 24-year-old singer- songwriter will present his British top-chart-breaking album “Tribute” along with equally impressive hit singles like „Love Me Again“, „Losing Sleep“, „Cheating“ and „Out Of My Head“. He won over top charts in the world with Rudimental and their hits “Not Giving In” and “Feel the Love”! The track “Blame” is still going strong, having made John Newman and Calvin Harris hallmarks of this past autumn and winter! The videos for these hits collectively have nearly a billion views on YouTube, while Newman alone sold over 4 million records in the past couple of years. Coming up next on Sunday, 12th July is the indie-pop tandem Milky Chance from Germany! This delicious duo won fans over with their irresistible track “Stolen Dance” and the lauded album “Sadnecessary”!

John Newman wrote the pages of one of the most inspirational and uplifting stories in modern music. With all odds stacked against him and living in extreme poverty in a small Yorkshire civil parish, he fought his way relentlessly and rose as a singer that turns everything he touches into pure triumph! Newman had to learn to do everything himself from the onset, only to later pay for college by being a glass collector, then later as a cocktail barman. He even performed as a teenager with the same vigour of a veteran soul singer! His love of music was instilled by his single mother, who loved the sounds of Motown and Atlantic, with unavoidable Northern Soul parties from which she brought back rare records, which John have played in his DJ sets at local weddings. Growing up in a small town meant often fights, occasional run-ins with the police that are reflected in Newman’s distinct self-confidence and peppery temper. Two of his closest friends died in a tragic car crash when Newman was only 17, which later formed his distinct vocal in times of grief.

After studying at the College of Music in Leeds, Newman came to London where he met the new formed Rudimental crew. Their collaborative track “Feel the Love” went to No.1 at UK Singles Chart and another hit of theirs “Not Giving In” was shortly followed by Newman’s first huge solo track “Love Me Again”. The track peaked at first place at British charts as well as many others in the world, including America! The album “Tribute” quickly rose to the top of the British charts and came ahead of the great Paul McCartney. While the world still echoes with smash hit “Blame”, Newman is currently recording his new album in Los Angeles. “There are too many celebrities and not enough artists” says the singer who, in the 21st century, writes and remixes his own sings, with a talent to make someone’s song his own by just singing it. Another rasped voice Yorkshireman who also had this talent and northern emotion was none other than the late Joe Cocker.

Milky Chance are a duo that combines acoustic elements of reggae, folk and rock music with contemporary electronic rhythms. They’re made up of the singer and guitarist Clemens Rehbein and DJ Philipp Dausch. The hit “Stolen Dance” counts hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, and is officially among the top 10 most searched for songs in 2014 according to Shazam! Europe fell in love with them overnight in 2013, and they spread the sensation over the Atlantic next year, having become favourites of the American indie scene. For one alternative band, they managed to perform at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and go on sold-out concerts from New York to Los Angeles. Fans are still thirsty for this delicious duo, as evidenced by their strong second year filled with performances at all important European festivals, and a new American tour topped by festivals like Coachella and SXSW!
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