• LIFE STREAM at EXIT Festival 2020

No matter if we admit it or not, our civilization will spiral into self-destruction if we don’t unite and take immediate action.

Born two decades ago out of a need to change its own society, and working on numerous humanitarian and environmental projects ever since, including hosting Standing Rock activists on its Main Stage, EXIT Festival is launching its biggest environmental project to this date: the • LIFE STREAM.

On EXIT’s big 20th anniversary, the live stream of performances will be put into a purpose with one paramount goal: to preserve life on the planet. The planet will be fine, we won’t.

With your help, we will call the world leaders and people everywhere to take immediate action, while also helping relevant organisations raise donations and make a difference.

At the Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 we launched the first ever • LIFE STREAM at the world-famous Faralda Crane Hotel which was repurposed as a dancefloor and for this occasion, a world-wide emergency broadcast tower, while it used to be an old harbor crane.

The leading breakthrough DJ duo ARTBAT, whose sound was the perfect soundtrack to the footage of Earth and its rich life, joined in onsite, along with some of the finest Balkan talents such as Andrew Meller, After Affair, Coeus and DJ Jock, followed by some of the most talked about acts at the moment, Juliet Fox, Any Mello and Abstraal.

EXIT presents LIFE STREAM w/ ARTBAT live | Cranesessions x ADE 2019

Tune in to the first ever • LIFE STREAM with ARTBAT! Join us as we are only beginning. The change is coming and it needs every last one of us. #ADE2019 #LifeStream #EXIT2020

Posted by Exit Festival on Friday, October 18, 2019
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