NATURE Is a New Headliner of mts Dance Arena

EXIT’s mts Dance Arena is one of the most famous dance floors on the planet, according to the opinions of many big names in the world of electronic music, including performers, agents, promoters, media outlets, and especially fans.

10. July 2022. — Author: EXIT

Part of that status was built over the years through the booking of countless well-respected DJs and producers and bringing them to the Fortress. Another part results from developing a great visual identity accompanied by superior production. But the final piece, the key to creating this Mecca of electronic music, as it has been called, came from the synergy between the venue, the technology, the people, and nature.

The first three days of this year’s EXIT confirmed the initial impression that many got at the dress rehearsal held at the Arena on Wednesday evening. The delight surpassed all expectations when the screens, lights, and lasers turned on, and the powerful sound system came to life. The Arena’s change in 2017 is much more pronounced this July. With this, the open-air dance floor took a giant step forward and reaffirmed its place among the world’s music and festival elite. That is why we expect nothing less tonight when the leading roles will be played by Stephan Bodzin live and the Ukrainian duo ARTBAT, which will put a bow on the festival programme for this year.

Nature is the theme of this year’s mts Dance Arena visuals, in an attempt from EXIT to show respect for the environment. The overall impression will be enhanced on this final night by musicians like Satori and Monolink, who will deliver an organic sound to a packed audience.