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“Oh My God, Will This Feeling Ever Pass? My Friends Are Already Gray, But We’re All Still Here, Back at EXIT!” – Ida Prester Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Her First Performance at EXIT with a New Song!

Croatian singer Ida Prester has released a new heartfelt and emotional video and song that recap and celebrate the first 20 years of her glittering shows and memorable nights at EXIT.

9. July 2024. — Author: EXIT

The song has touched the hearts of fans and made EXIT 2024, starting on Wednesday, July 10th, at the Petrovaradin Fortress, even more eagerly anticipated! 


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The true magic of EXIT festival, that all-encompassing energy that brings out the best in people is not easy to put into words or a single track – unless you are Ida Prester, who can capture the essence of EXIT festival in the most romantic way! 

“I was such a vibrant girl; 20 years have gone by in a flash; I once lost my phone in the tunnels leading to the Main Stage,” begins Ida’s festival anthem, and continues by highlighting what sets EXIT apart – the ability to bring people together with the same zeal for over 20 years! 

From performance to performance, the EXIT audience has become familiar with the woman who carried many distinctive stage identities over the years, remembering her as Lollobrigida, Frau Casio, or MAiKA. Through a collage of memories from the stage and the crowd, a collection of hugs, and walks through the Fortress during festival nights and mornings, Ida provides a video retrospective of her first two decades at the festival that, as she said multiple times, changed her life for the better. The video depicts the singer’s most intimate experience of EXIT to date, shedding light on the small moments that give this festival a unique, lasting place in the hearts of all those who attend. 

“A milestone like this deserves a song dedicated to the most memorable moments experienced at the Fortress and all of us who still dance,” the singer wrote in an Instagram post sharing the song with the world. In her charming and candid style, Ida recalls the early years and her performance at EXIT 2004 on a stage then known as Elektrana. 

The idea of how to commemorate this significant anniversary in her career came to Ida in her tried-and-true way – spontaneously! The vigor and genuine emotions this star puts into everything she does can be seen in the message she later shared with the EXIT team, explaining how the song came to be during a seaside vacation:

“Oh, I always do these things without a plan as inspiration strikes. I came to the seaside and finally had time on my hands, so I composed the song in my room while everyone was out swimming. That is more fun for me anyway! It was really inspiring to dig through all those memories…” Ida wrote from the heart to her friends at EXIT.

Punk sprinkled with glitter and Lollobrigida’s energy have become a staple of the Visa Fusion stage spectacle over the years! Some unforgettable performances include 2009, 2010, and 2016, when the band celebrated the title of Best European Festival with EXIT. Ida hypnotized the audience with her spark and energy in 2014 as Frau Casio. She also delighted the masses on the Main Stage in 2017 and 2018 when she appeared with the band MAiKA, while the 2021 show on the Visa Fusion stage remains fresh in the memory of both the singer and her followers. Besides putting on the best party on any stage that she plays, Ida never misses the chance to enjoy EXIT as an audience member, becoming a familiar face at performances of colleagues and major electronic music stars.

Ida’s love for EXIT has been well known since her song “70” announced she would perform at EXIT even when she turned 70! Back then, her favorite festival officially declared that “the matter is settled,” and on this occasion, EXIT shares Ida’s emotion and congratulates her on the milestone. May she enjoy her upcoming performance at the Fortress on July 13 more than ever and create new magical memories with the audience!