Payment at the festival: All about EXIT Freedom Addiko card

8. July 2018. — Author: EXIT

1. What is a Festival Payment Card?

Festival Payment Card* is the official and exclusive payment system for foods, drinks and other products at EXIT Festival and EXIT camp.

*The Card is not meant to be used at POS terminals and for withdrawing cash at ATMs

2. How do I pay at the Festival and where?

Payment for drinks, food and souvenirs at EXIT Festival and its camp is done with the Festival Payment Card only. When buying, it is enough to press the Card against a well-marked location on the card reader and the amount for drinks, foods or souvenirs will automatically be reduced from the Card!

3. Where can I get the Card and how much does it cost?

Festival Payment Card will be available at all top-up locations at the festival and camp.You need to pay the deposit of RSD 125, which will be returned during the refund at the end of the festival.

4. How can I check the balance on my card?

At any moment you can check the available amount on your card by simply placing the card at the well-marked location on the card reader that automatically displays your balance.

5. How much money can I put on the card?

You can top-up the Card with as much money as you like, but there is the minimum amount (RSD 500 for the first top-up) and the maximum amount (RSD 30,000). You can top-up with amounts such as RSD 100, RSD 500, RSD 1000 etc. Amounts such as RSD 150, RSD 550 and RSD 1350 are not accepted.

6. Is it necessary for the top-up payment to be in cash or can I use my debit/credit card as well?

All top-up locations for the Festival Payment Card support both manners of payment.

7. Can I refund the unused funds from the Festival Payment Card?

Of course. It is possible to withdraw the unused funds at any moment at the cashpoints in charge of this (marked with “refundacija/refund”). It is necessary for the refund to be done at the Festival or in the camp, since there will be no additional refunds available!

Refund locations: top-up locations in camp, Foodland, Reggae Stage and other marked on the festival map

8. Is there a limit as to the amount of refund?

All the top-up locations at the festival can refund up to RSD 7,000, while larger refunds can be done at refund locations near Lovoturs (at the main entrance) and Reggae Stage, as well as in camp with a personal ID.

9. Can the Festival Payment Card for the EXIT Festival be used in Montenegro, at the Sea Dance Festival?

Payment with the Festival Payment Card will be the official payment system at the Sea Dance Festival as well, however, the EXIT Festival Payment card cannot be used at the Sea Dance Festival, since these are two different countries and currencies.

10. Can I use my Festival Payment Cards from previous years?

No, you need to get a new Festival Payment Card.

11. What happens if I lose the card?

Festival Payment Cards are not personalized cards, and if by chance you lose the card you cannot regain the funds left on the card.