Postcard from Planet Mathame

Electronic music is constantly advancing.

31. May 2022. — Author: EXIT

Despite all the difficulties of the previous years, it is still there, and someone will have to come to the fore and lead it to new normalcy and future. The Italian duo Mathame were born ready for this role.

Mateo and Amadeo are brothers; they have the same surname, Giovanelli, listed on their ID cards. However, despite a few minor differences between them, it is difficult not to notice their familial kinship after just a few minutes in their presence. Mateo was 27, and Amadeo was 15 when they decided to start Mathame in 2015. They come from a musical family, and their parents ran a pirate radio station. Hence, the family home was an inexhaustible source of vinyl and rarities, from rock and roll, through dark and gothic music all the way to experimental electronic madness.

Mateo studied piano as a child, and Amadeo studied violin. However, they never liked authority. They had a problem with anyone who thought they knew what they needed better than themselves. So, at the first opportunity, they decided to become independent and moved to the foot of Mount Etna, where they decided to create revolutionary music and would not be satisfied with anything less.

Their style differs with each new track, from dub techno, through house, to slower stuff. Before creating a new track, they make sure it meets all the rules they agreed upon at the beginning of their career, which they keep close to the vest. What they can share is the final rule: when you close your eyes and listen to five seconds of a new song, you have no choice but to say — this is Mathame.

And that is precisely what they succeeded in doing. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen to any track; it will transport you to a unique and different planet, which you have never been to, but which has always seemed to be your home. Since this is the case, why not call this planet Mathame?

They have a simple and logical explanation for their global success — signing for the Afterlife label, collaborating with greats like Tale of Us or Diplo, and sets on BBC Radio — if you want something, you just have to ask.

They contacted the famous label, reached out to the performers they admired and adored, offered them tracks and remixes, and they always received great feedback. Socialising and cooperating with some opened the door to others, and so on, until their circle of collaborators and friends included performers such as ZHU, Adriatique, and Lost Frequencies.

This summer, they arrive in Novi Sad in an unstoppable gallop towards global fame and success. We can’t even imagine what awaits us on 9th July when they take their place at the mts Dance Arena, but we can expect a top-notch show because these two legends are the future of the electronic scene. If you haven’t heard — the future is coming soon, and it’s happening at the EXIT Festival.

Written by: Miloš Dašić