Powerful Women Take Charge at EXIT’s Temple of Electronic Music!

While women continue to fight against numerous societal prejudices, they undeniably rule the global electronic music scene.

3. July 2023. — Author: EXIT

That’s why it’s no surprise that on Thursday, July 6, the mts Dance Arena at the EXIT festival is exclusively devoted to them! Taking the stage at EXIT’s electronic music temple are Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Indira Paganotto, Vylana, Tijana T, Miju, and Lanna! 

One cannot delve into the past decade of electronic music without discussing Nina Kraviz, her worldwide domination, and the doors she has opened for future artists. A part of her success lies in her effortless stage presence, a talent that women often possess, allowing her to engage thousands of party-goers, guiding their moves with a single gesture. Nina Kraviz initially had to establish a dental career before diving into music. She had to make countless opportunities for herself before capitalizing on a few. Along the way, she reached the glass ceiling and shattered it. As a seasoned musician, she redefines electronic music and has positioned herself as one of the most influential female producers and DJs ever. Nina loves the energy of the mts Dance Arena, which she often mentions in interviews, including the one for EXIT’s Instagram page. She even succinctly summed up her collaboration with Indira Paganotto, another star of the festival’s first night, with the words “Psy, fun and booty”! 

Indira described her collaboration with Nina on their new track “White Horse as “energetic, intuitive, powerful“ in an interview with EXIT. This Spanish powerhouse will take over the mts Dance Arena with her eclectic solo set, combining techno, psychedelia, flamenco, and goa, transforming it into a pulsating musical spectacle. In just a short time, she has become one of the most sought-after artists on the electronic scene and recently launched her own label, Artcore, releasing the EP “Guns & Horses.

Amelie Lens, who grew up to the sounds of alternative rock and dance music, carries those influences into her production and track selection, which she delivers on some of the world’s most prominent stages. Her debut EP “Exhale garnered substantial attention, followed by “Let It Go“ and “Weight Of The Land. She kicked off this year with two strong singles, Feel It and “Radiance, both of which are sure to feature in her set at the mts Dance Arena this Thursday.

Tijana T chose DJing as her profession, but the ambassador role was thrust upon her. As a journalist and PR manager, she listened, asked, talked, read, and wrote about performers and songs, eventually becoming a musical encyclopedia. Her sets are most magical when she surprises the audience with an unexpected “vintage” track that perfectly fits the mood of the moment. Tijana’s incorporation of Bjork and Radiohead into her Boiler Room set exemplifies her eclectic style. She’s traveled the globe as part of her perpetual tour, promoting the beauties of Belgrade and bringing world-renowned DJs to Serbia whenever possible.

Vylana will bring the spirit of the Ada Divine Awakening festival, healing frequencies, and potent female energy to EXIT’s electronic music temple. Meanwhile, Miju boldly places her feminist fight at the forefront of her biography, laboring away on dance floors from Malta to Serbia, reminding audiences of the fundamental values of rave culture through melodic dialogues and sets brimming with breakbeat, house, acid, and electro sounds.

Lanna, the first representative of EXIT’s Music & Talent Office, epitomizes the optimistic future of the electronic scene. She made her first appearance at EXIT as a thirteen-year-old, and this year she opened for Paul Kalkbrenner at the major EXIT Dance Arena Belgrade Takeover event and closed the Sea Star Festival following Indira Paganotto.

Not from a mere desire to celebrate women but from a quest for today’s highest quality dance music, the mts Dance Arena on Thursday, July 6, is devoted to an all-female lineup, empowering women and their presence on the music scene. 

In light of this, let’s join the crowd and show our support for Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Tijana T, Vylana, Lanna, and Miju, as well as all the other outstanding performers from July 6 to 9 at the EXIT festival, including Senidah, Sajsi MC, Mimi Mercedez, Kejt, Anetha, Katalina, Avalon Emerson, Vanja Bursać, Carlita, 8kays, Desiree, Awen, Charlie Tee, Cici, Layla Benitez, Youphoria, Jovana Takač… and many others! 

Written by: Vojkan Bećir