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Questions and answers: All about EXIT Festival 2024 payment card

9. July 2024. — Author: EXIT

What is the Festival Payment Card?

The Festival Payment Card* is the official and only form of payment for drinks, food, and other products at the EXIT festival.

*The card is not intended for payments at POS terminals or cash withdrawals at ATMs

IMPORTANT: You can only top up the card in Serbian dinars (RSD). No other currency can be used.

How do I pay at the festival and where?

Payments for drinks, food, and souvenirs at EXIT Festival and the campsite are made using the Payment Card. When making a purchase, simply tap the card onto the well-marked spot on the device, and the amount for drinks, food, or souvenirs will be automatically deducted.

Where can I get the card, and how much does it cost?

Payment Cards will be available at all top-up locations at the festival and the campsite (only for visitors staying in the camp). When getting the card, you need to deposit 150 RSD, which will be refunded when you cash out your money at the end of the festival. Users who have been granted a discount of 5-15% on drink prices are not eligible for a deposit refund*.

*This discount does not apply to special promotions

How can I get a discount on drink prices at the festival?

Visa cardholders – if you top up your Festival Payment Card with your Visa card at top-up points at the festival, you automatically get a 5-15% discount on drinks*.

* This discount does not apply to special promotions

How can I check the balance on the card?

You can quickly check the available balance at any time – by tapping the Festival Payment Card on the card reader.

How much money can I put on the card?

The card is topped up with credit in the desired amount. The minimum amount for the first deposit is 500 RSD, and the maximum is 60,000 RSD. The depositing amount must be rounded to 100 RSD, i.e., deposits can only take the form of 100 RSD, 500 RSD, 1000 RSD, etc… Deposits of 150 RSD, 550 RSD, or 1350 RSD are not possible.

Do I need to top up the Payment Card in cash, or can I do it with my credit card?

You can top up your festival card in whichever way is more convenient at any top-up location at the festival. When topping up the Festival Payment Card, Visa cardholders automatically get the right to receive a 5–15% discount on drink purchases at the festival.*

*This discount does not apply to special promotions

Can I refund the unused funds on the card?

Of course. It is possible to refund unspent funds at any time at the cash desks intended for this (marked as “refund”). It is necessary to carry out the refund at the festival, as subsequent refunds will not be possible! Payout locations: Top-up points at the festival camp, Trag, Foodland, Reggae Stage, and the Academy of Arts. A personal document – an ID card or passport – is required for a refund.

Is there a limit on the amount that can be refunded?

No. The entire remaining amount on the festival card can be refunded as long as you present an identification document.

Can I use cards from previous years for payment?

You need to get a new Festival Payment Card.

Can persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Serbia register?

All Visa cardholders can register, regardless of nationality.

I registered last year; does that mean I’m automatically registered this year too?

Since last year’s and this year’s systems are different, it is necessary to register again to get a discount on drinks at the festival, as well as the possibility of blocking and replacing a lost card.

What should I do if I lose my card?

You can block the use of your lost card if you have kept the deposit receipt. You need to go to the help desk at Foodland top-up point with a personal document, the lost card will be blocked, and a new card with the remaining amount will be issued to you. After that, try not to lose the newly issued card.