Rage Against the Machine’s Co-Founder Tom Morello Speaks Out About the Band’s Recent Split

Tom Morello, co-founder of the iconic Rage Against the Machine, has spoken out following the band's recent split and the cancellation of their tour. Morello, a driving force behind the band's social activism and a world-renowned guitarist set to perform at this year's EXIT festival, took to social media to address the situation.

10. January 2024. — Author: EXIT

The news of the band’s hiatus came to light when RATM’s drummer, Brad Wilk, announced on Instagram at the beginning of the year that the band would no longer perform together. Following this, guitarist and co-founder Tom Morello shared a poignant message on social media, reflecting on the words of his mother, activist Mary Morello. She famously said, “History, like music, is not something that happens. It’s something you make.” In his post, Morello reminisced about the speech he gave last year during the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, symbolically bidding farewell to a band that, despite occasional separations, has continuously provided a soundtrack for rebellion since 1991.

In his Hall of Fame induction speech last November, accepting the honor on behalf of the entire band, Morello addressed the fans, referring to them as the “fifth member” of the group.

The lesson I learn from Rage fans is that music can change the world.” said Tom, adding,Daily, I hear from fans who have been affected by our music and, in turn, have affected the world in significant ways. Organizers, activists, public defenders, teachers, and even the presidents of Chile and Finland have all spent time in our mosh-pit. When protest music is done right, you can hear a new world emerging in the songs, skewering the oppressors of the day and hinting that there might be more to life than what was handed to us. Can music change the world?Morello pondered before immediately responding,The whole aim is to change the world or, at a bare minimum, to stir up a shit-load of trouble.

Morello’s speech and his message to the fans underscore that the band’s decades-old fiery spirit of battle will be carried forward. We will be able to see this in action on Sunday, July 14, when he takes the stage at the EXIT Festival, giving fans another chance to experience some of Rage Against the Machine’s greatest hits live from the Tesla Universe Stage.