Reinier Zonneveld – Techno with a Master’s Degree

Beats from the depths of the club, making your legs move and your head shake like a metronome, do not necessarily have to be that different from classical music.

23. June 2022. — Author: EXIT

Nobody knows that better than Reinier Zonneveld. He studied both of these disciplines and grew from a boy behind a piano into a techno champion.

In music studies, he chose the latter. Electronic music became his passion. He spent all his pocket money on broken and used keyboards to create new sounds and effects. He had production in his little finger. His two master’s degrees speak for themselves. With all that education behind him, he started creating music, and the very “pedigree” he had led to the fact that his first tracks delighted the great global artists in this musical genre.

Oliver Koletzki, Carl Cox, and Richie Hawtin released his first tracks through their labels, while he reached global fame with a remix of “Natural Blues,” a beautiful song by the great Moby. 

With tracks and live sets influenced by classical music blended with a rave experience, Reinier’s sound gained incredible breadth, from melodies for the masses to acid techno for dark underground clubs.

He is known for playing live all-night sets, spontaneously constructing them as he goes, powered by the dance floor’s energy in absolute synergy. In a career spanning just a few years, he has already performed on all continents, from big stages to underground clubs, leaving an enthusiastic audience on every dance floor.

Since 2017, he has also been running his own label – Filth on Acid. He decided to pay forward what he got at the beginning of his career, so he’s searching for young talents who could make a difference on the scene, as he did.

The great achievements he reached with his own label include a #1 on the Beatport list with the big club and radio hit “Things We Might Have Said”. Of course, Filth on Acid is not reserved strictly for young talent; there’s also room for a few legends. The collaboration with Carl Cox and new remixes for Moby stand out.

Although he has been shaking up dance floors for several seasons, Reinier is clearly still at the beginning of his career. We expect him to grow into one of the biggest techno giants on the planet in a few years, and we have the opportunity to observe the growth of this mega-talent as he drives us through the night until the morning in another live adventure at the mts Dance Arena, on Thursday, July 7th, at EXIT.

Written by: Miloš Dašić