Skrillex and Eric Prydz Steal the Show at the Petrovaradin Fortress; Alesso, Claptone, and Hot Since 82 Headlining Saturday Night!

More than 50,000 fans went through the gates of Petrovaradin Fortress on the second night of the EXIT Festival to hear two grand, long-awaited performances – Grammy record holder and electronic music wizard Skrillex took over the Gorki List Main Stage with a set that started with the old-timey local hit "Zvižduk u 8", while the mts Dance Arena was set on fire by maestro Eric Prydz, whose comeback the local audience had eagerly awaited for an entire decade!

8. July 2023. — Author: EXIT

Saturday night on the Gorki List Main Stage will kick off with another powerful all-female concept, led by Senidah, Mimi Mercedez, Sajsi MC, and Kejt, followed by Claptone and Alesso taking over the decks, while Hot Since 82, Vintage Culture, Gioli & Assia live, and others are coming to the mts Dance Arena! 

The Gorki List Main Stage was opened last night with robust guitar sounds from Ground Zero, War Engine, and Jenner, setting the stage for the performance of the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica and their audio-visual spectacle! Then, Skrillex, an electronic music revolutionary who has firmly made this year his own, made his way to the stage, returning to EXIT after nine years, armed with two new albums and a brand-new sound! Skrillex’s nearly two-hour performance began with “Zvižduk u 8,” a legendary hit by Yugoslav pop music star Đorđe Marjanović. Then, one new hit after another, “Rumble,“ “XENA,“ “Ratata,and many more, accompanied by a spectacular production, confetti, and pyrotechnics, heated the Gorki List Main Stage to boiling point!

EXIT’s temple of electronic music, the colossal mts Dance Arena, hosted the long-awaited performance of the absolute #1 of the global electronic music scene – Eric Prydz, who once again demonstrated why he consistently holds this title! From timeless hits like “Missing” by Everything But The Girl to a spectacular ending with his cult track “Opus,” Prydz took hordes of fans on a musical journey from evergreens to his distinctive Pryda sound. Alongside him, the best European dance floor was graced by the debut of the duo CamelPhat, while Space Motion, Human Rias, Coeus, Kristijan Molnar, and Cosmic G conquered the DJ booth.

The Visa Fusion stage featured performances by the Belgrade rapcore band Sunshine, top trap duo Crni Cerak & Lacku, as well as Kendi, Zoe Kida, Dzipsii, Dina Jashari & Drugari, the promising SickSoul and Petar Z, while the NSNS Refreshed by Heiniken Silver stage welcomed Shimzu, Carlita, and Desiree.

Saturday festival night at the Gorki List Main Stage will bring another all-female concept led by R’n’B and hip-hop divas Senidah, Mimi Mercedez, Sajsi MC, and Kejt, followed by the colorful duo Sofi Tukker, global superstar Alesso, with his billion-stream hits, and the masked house maestro Claptone. The finale of the third festival night on the Gorki List Main Stage will be delivered by producer and DJ Lady Lee, introducing her iLee project.

Tonight, the mts Dance Arena welcomes Hot Since 82. The EXIT audience will have their first encounter with Brazilian producer and DJ Vintage Culture, who will be joined by Gioli & Assia Live, Layla Benitez, Mene, IDQ, and Marko Nastić.

The Visa Fusion stage will host Spasibo, Nikola Vranjković, Bojana Vunturišević, Porto Morto, Hiljson Mandela, Z++, Manna, and Jolly Little Bunch, while the popular NSNS Refreshed by Heiniken stage will be taken over by Partiboi69, X-Coast, Cici, Vahicabi, and Jovana Takač, along with a range of names performing across over 40 festival stages and zones!

Online ticket sales have finished. One-day tickets can still be purchased at the official selling points in Serbia until 6PM and after that only at the festival gates.