After Sea Dance Festival’s Rejection of Kalush Orchestra’s Ultimatum: Marko Louis Completes the Line-Up of This Year’s Sea Dance Festival

Multitalented musician Marko Louis brings an original blend of soul, R’n’B, pop, and elements of Balkan and oriental culture to the eighth edition of the Sea Dance Festival.

23. August 2022. — Author: EXIT

Multitalented musician Marko Louis brings an original blend of soul, R’n’B, pop, and elements of Balkan and oriental culture to the eighth edition of the Sea Dance Festival. After the Sea Dance festival rejected the ultimatum from Kalush Orchestra, who demanded the cancellation of the performance of one of the biggest stars in today’s electronic music, Russian DJ Nina Kraviz, the Ukrainian band will not perform at the festival. Marko Louis will round off this year’s festival line-up, which includes some of the most exciting global, regional, and local music stars, such as Nina Kraviz, Konstrakta, Anfisa Letyago, Shouse, Mahmut Orhan, Mind Against, Senidah, Dubioza Kolektiv, Marko Nastić, Who See, Crni Cerak, Kejt, and a host of Montenegrin DJs! The eighth edition of the Sea Dance Festival, which will take place from 26th to 28th August on the beautiful beach of Buljarica, begins in just three days!

Marko Louis, an author and composer who created his own “Balkan Soul” genre, is considered to be someone who erases boundaries in music. The opening beats of any of his songs present a unique style, setting him apart from the rest of the domestic music scene. 

Marko Louis’ connection with the EXIT family was crowned in 2019 with the anthem of the then edition of EXIT Tribe, created in collaboration with Petar Zorkić and performed at the official opening ceremony. A video was also recorded that reminded festivalgoers that they were one and all connected by the love of music.

In May 2015, Marko Louis released his first solo album, “Shine On Me,” in English. Since then, he has devoted himself to a solo career, and in 2017, he released his second solo album, “Beskraj,” which brought a more mature sound. His third studio album, “Euridika,” can be considered a continuation of his new sound, recognised by the audience in Serbia, the region, and beyond. Inspired by the success and the size of his fanbase, which is getting bigger every year, in December 2020, he released his fourth studio album “Sloboda,” which gained a lot of traction, not only because of the situation the whole world found itself in due to the pandemic but also because it served as confirmation for the authenticity of his sound. In September 2021, he published his first children’s album, “Ja se zovem Slon,” which was very well received by kids and their parents. In January 2022, he recorded two songs for the film “Bad Blood,” announcing the first Serbian film on the NETFLIX platform. 

Summer will be extended this year on the first day of the Sea Dance Festival by Konstrakta, who will perform for the first time in front of the Montenegrin audience. The Main Stage will also present DJ Mahmut Orhan, techno voice of a new generation Anfisa Letyago, leading Montenegrin hip-hop duo Who See, a veteran of the regional scene Marko Nastić, local representative of the Drumcode label Ilija Djokovic, as well as the versatile young rising star Kejt.

The second day of the festival will feature the creators of the summer anthem “Love Tonight” Shouse, one of the most sought-after duos in electronic music today, Mind Against, the brilliant Human Rias, the energetic trap queen Senidah, as well as the unique Mimi Mercedez, while Tam, Micka Lifa and Thicc Boi will bring a fresh new sound.

On the last day of the Sea Dance festival, we will get the chance to see the undisputed techno queen Nina Kraviz, one of the biggest stars on the electronic scene, as well as the region’s most prominent band in the last decade Dubioza Kolektiv, a representative of the Afterlife label Coeus, trap sensation Crni Cerak. Fantastic musical energy will be added by Proximus, Da Wreck, and DJ Mandozica.

The Together. Always! stage will be reserved for Montenegrin DJs, with Stefan Andjušić, Soft 85, Sen Oliver, Marko Pajković, Marko T, 84 bit, Nessuno, John K., and Rudhaman taking turns at the DJ counter on the first day. On the second day, an excellent Sea Dance party will be delivered by: Marc Stan, Starac, Mr. Mips, Vlado Božović, Lazar b2b Vuk Đurišić, Branko Vuković b2b Iks Oks, Mr Lekka b2b Mallex Merrero, Budo Sukovic, Satie and Stamina. On the last festival day at the Together. Always! stage, the following DJs will present their work to the audience: Nikola Soc, Stanco, Konatari, Pim Secle b2b Pelzensers, Double Needle b2b Doshljak, CHBX, Burkkake b2b Strax, Buba, Lerr and P.S.

Tickets for the Sea Dance festival are available for €34.99, while the price of one-day tickets is €14.99. The current ticket prices will be valid until Friday, August 26th, leading up to the final price increase.

Tickets are available here.