All Info About Payment at EXIT Festival 2021

8. July 2021. — Author: EXIT

1. What is a payment card?
Festival Payment Card * is the official and only means of payment for drinks, food and other products at the EXIT Festival.
*The card cannot be used for payments at POS terminals and cash withdrawals at ATMs

2. How and where to pay at the festival?
Payments for drinks, food and souvenirs at the EXIT festival and at the camp is made via payment cards. When shopping, place the card in a well-marked place on the device, and the amount of drinks, food or souvenirs will be automatically deducted from the card!

3. Where can I get the card and how much does it cost?
The payment card will be available at all top-up places at the festival and in the camp (only for visitors staying in the camp). When taking the card, you need to pay a deposit in the amount of 125 RSD, which will be returned to you when refunding the unspent money at the end of the festival. All users who acquire the right to receive discounts of 7,5% on beverage prices, will not be eligible for deposit refund *.
*This discount does not apply to special promotions.

4. How can I get a discount on the prices of drinks at the festival?
Visa payment card users – if you top up your festival payment card with your regular Visa payment card at the top-up places at the festival, you automatically qualify for a 7,5% discount when paying for drinks at the festival *.
*This discount does not apply to special promotions.

5. How can I check the balance on the card?
At any time, you can very easily check the available balance by touching the card reader with your festival payment card.

6. How much money can I deposit on the card?
The card is topped up with a credit in the preferred amount. The minimum amount for the first payment is 500 RSD and the maximum amount for the payment card is 30,000 RSD. When paying into the festival payment card, the amount must be rounded up in the form of deposits of 100 RSD, 500 RSD, 1000 RSD, etc.… Amounts of 150 RSD, 550 RSD and 1350 RSD will not be accepted.

7. Do I have to make deposits to the festival payment card in cash or can I do that using my regular payment card?
At all top-up places at the festival, you can make deposits to the festival payment card in both ways, whichever suits you better. Visa payment card users automatically qualify for a 7,5% discount on the payment of drinks at the festival when using their regular Visa card to top up the festival payment card. *
*This discount does not apply to special promotions.

8. Can I get a refund of unused funds on the card?
Of course. It is possible to get back the unspent funds at any time at the cash registers enabled for this function (marked as “refund”). It is necessary to make the refund at the festival, since after-the- festival refunds will not be possible! Refund locations: Trag, Foodland, Reggae Stage and at the Academy of Arts.
* Note: Payment car users who have acquired the right for the 7,5% discounts on payment for drinks at the festival are not entitled to a refund of the deposit.

9. Is there a limit to the amount that can be refunded?
At all top-up places at the festival, the amount of up to 7,000 dinars can be refunded, while larger amounts can be refunded at payment points at Lovoturs and Reggae stage, presenting a personal identification document.

10. Can the EXIT festival payment card be used in Montenegro, at the Sea Dance Festival?
Payments using the festival card will also be the official payment system at the Sea Dance Festival. However, these are two different countries and currencies, and the festival payment card from the EXIT festival cannot be used at the Sea Dance Festival.

11. Can I use festival payment cards from previous years to pay?
No. You have to get a new festival payment card.

12. Can persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Serbia register?
Only Visa card owners can register.

13. have registered before, does that mean I am automatically registered this year as well?
Due to different systems, you need to register again this year, in order to get a discount on drinks at the festival, and the option to block and replace a lost card.

14. What happens if I lose my card?
If you have previously registered via your Visa card, you can block your lost card if you have saved your payment slip. You have to come to the top-up place with an identity document, the lost card will be blocked, and you will be issued a new card with the remaining balance on the next day of the festival.
You have to contact the help desk (top-up places on the Reggae stage, Trag/Lovoturs so that your funds from the lost card could be transferred to the new card on the next festival day. After that, make sure that you do not lose the newly issued card.