Deborah De Luca Releases a Song that Her Fans Have Eagerly Awaited!

Techno star Deborah De Luca has finally released the song "Passi," which she has played at many shows lately and which her fans got to love long before it saw the light of day.

28. November 2022. — Author: EXIT

Artists often test audience reactions to unreleased songs, and over the past few months, Deborah’s test has shown that people would adore her new track.

There are two versions of this track – one is a bit slower, focusing on the impressive vocals by Io e Palmieri, and the other is tailor-made for large dance floors. However, it retains the sophistication of the vocals and the charm of the Italian language.

Many would say – I don’t understand the words, but it sounds beautiful. However, Deborah did share some of the lyrics:

Footsteps slide for hours under my eyes

I can’t stop

If I stop, I’ll think of you


Game with people

It’s like I’m listening to them

But nothing can stop me

I’ll be dancing until tomorrow; otherwise, I’ll be thinking of you.

And so, this tender and powerful song is now available to everyone to play on repeat before Deborah comes to Belgrade. She’ll be at the Main Hangar of the Port of Belgrade on 17th December, supported by a strong local line-up featuring Lea Dobričić, Filip Fisher and The +.