E-Play: “Life is celebrated every day!”

EXIT audience is already more than familiar with E-Play – an alternative band from Belgrade performing at this year’s festival edition on Visa Fusion Stage.

26. May 2021. — Author: EXIT

Our current EXIT Weekly Playlist is curated by E-Play, warming us up for their EXIT 2021 performance at Visa Fusion Stage on Saturday, July 10. Why did they choose these tracks, what was their first EXIT like and what are they mostly looking forward to this summer – read all about it below!

You created a playlist especially for EXIT fans. What’s your message for them?
This playlist gathers acts whose performances we saw live at EXIT Festival. In its debut years, the festival hosted many names which are still very important to us. We’ll always remember Moloko’s performance!

We’ll see you at EXIT on Saturday on July 10, on Visa Fusion Stage. What are you looking forward to the most and what can the audience expect from your show?
Mostly, we are excited that there’s even a possibility of concerts and festivals returning. We haven’t played at EXIT for a long time and we miss all of it and can’t wait for our performance. Our fans can expect a band who missed them and will do their best to play as best as possible and make everyone’s night better! We’ll play all of our hits, focused on our latest album “Sloboda”.

“In its debut years, EXIT Festival hosted many names which are still very important to us.”
– E-Play

EXIT is celebrating its 20th anniversary this July. What are your festival memories and experiences?
The first time we played at EXIT was in 2001 at Main Stage and we have very fond memories of the whole experience, since that performance was hugely significant to us. Roni Size was up next so we remember our excitement, the whole festival logistics and the team’s devotion to such a young local band.

This year at EXIT, we celebrate life. How are you going to celebrate it at the festival?
Life is celebrated every day – it will be just the same on July 10 in front of the Visa Fusion Stage. We wish you all a safe and successful festival!

Interview by: Aleksandra Gavrilović