EXIT and Satori bring tradition in a modern way: Animated video for “Niška Banja” Now Available!

The animated video for the modern version of “Niška Banja,” one of the most beloved traditional songs from the Balkans, has just been released. The video and song were published under the sublabel EXIT Я:Evolution.

26. April 2024. — Author: EXIT

This first release is signed by the global star of Serbian-Dutch origin Satori, and also by one of the leading representatives of the World Music scene in the Balkans, the band Naked, as well as Tamara Kezz, the first singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ from Serbia to perform at the prestigious Glastonbury Festival.

The official, animated music video of the contemporary version of the song “Niška Banja” was inspired by the photographs of this healing pearl spa of southeastern Serbia and its tradition, now presented in a modern manner.

Guided by the same idea, the exceptional artists Satori, Naked and Tamara Kezz gave the traditional Serbian song “Niška Banja” a new identity. The new version of the song combines the musical spirit of a century old and the modern sound, all thanks to Satori’s outstanding production skills, the virtuosity of the band Naked and the unreal voice of Tamara Kezz. With her beautiful voice, she enriched one of the most recognizable verses in the Balkan region — “Niška Banja, topla voda, za Nišlije živa zgoda”! The song is available on all platforms.

These talented artists were brought together by the project MOST (The Bridge for Balkan Music), whose mission is to build bridges between the Balkans and global music markets related to the World Music genre, and above all to help local musicians develop international careers. In this sense, the newly founded sublabel EXIT Я:Evolution was recognised as an ideal platform for publishing the fruits of the MOST cooperation. MOST project is supported by Creative Europe, while Serbia is represented in this project by EXIT Foundation.

EXIT Я:Evolution is a sublabel dedicated to Conscious Music and is part of the record label EXIT Soundscape. Both music projects are part of the comprehensive centre for the development of global stars EXIT Echosystem, whose goal is to provide promising and talented musicians from the Balkan region and beyond with support and a chance to develop successful global careers.