EXIT Teatar Presents a Story About a 70s Icon: Multi-award-winning play “Who Killed Janis Joplin?” at the Serbian National Theatre on October 3rd

On Monday, October 3rd, at 7:30 p.m., the Pera Dobrinović stage of the Serbian National Theater will host Tijana Grumić’s award-winning drama “Who Killed Janis Joplin?“, directed by Sonja Petrović.

27. September 2022. — Author: EXIT

Co-produced by the Serbian National Theatre (SNP) and OPENS, the play tells the story of the rock star whose uncompromising authenticity paved the way for generations of women. 

The play “Who Killed Janis Joplin?” is imbued with intrigue, taking the audience back to the 1970s hotel room in which Janis Joplin died at the age of 27. Through her life story, the play draws a parallel with the position of women in today’s society, 52 years after the singer’s death.

The performance of the play “Who Killed Janis Joplin?” will also serve as a reminder of the EXIT Teatar project, which used to host theatre performances as part of the EXIT Festival.  The goal is for the EXIT Festival programme to once again include theatre in the future.

The cast of “Who Killed Janis Joplin?” includes Bojana Milanović, Sonja Isailović, Stefan Vukić, Dimitrije Aranđelović, Vukašin Ranđelović, Petar Banjac, Filip Grubač and Igor Sakač.  The author’s team consists of director Sonja Petrović, author Tijana Grumić, playwright Nikolina Đukanović, scenographer Željko Piškorić, costume designer Senka Ranosavljević, choreographer Mira Beba Dobrinković and lighting designer Tihomir Boroja. The play has won numerous awards, the most significant being “Korak u hrabrost (Step Into Courage)“ at Teatar Fest in Banja Luka and the 65th Sterija Theatre Audience Award for Best Play. 

Tickets are available via the Gigs Tix sales network and online at RSD 1,000.