Faralda Crane Hotel: A Clubber’s Paradise

13. October 2021. — Author: EXIT

Amsterdam Dance Event is taking us to the craziest hotel in Netherlands, and we are taking you on a trip through fun facts that will make you love it.

The name is not symbolic

Hotels usually have symbolic or secondary meaning names, however this hotel is literally in an industrial crane, exactly as the name implies. With only three rooms, that are extremely luxurious and eccentric, it is best described with superlatives as it is “the most” of every adjective. Free Spirit Suite, Mystique Suite and The Secret Suite give three completely different experiences to visitors. It is especially interesting that the interior designer studio which worked on this project prides itself on its minimalistic approach, yet these rooms show something completely different.

Bungee jump from a jacuzzi

On top of this luxurious hotel there is a jacuzzi overlooking the entire city of Amsterdam, however that’s not the only activity you can enroll in on the rooftop. For the bravest of guests there is an option of bungee jumping from the crane in a completely urban environment. What used to be Amsterdam harbor is now an art district and it is not closed for extreme sports either. In case you have a fear of heights, we suggest you skip this activity or maybe even staying in Faralda.

A panoramic view

The crane moves in order to align with the wind, which means that the guests don’t necessarily find the same view outside their window every time they look out. The entire hotel rotates during the day and night so it can follow the path of the wind, allowing visitors to enjoy all four sides of Amsterdam. The process of moving, however, can be both exciting and scary so it’s good to have this information before deciding to visit.

An excellent host

Other than its specific architecture, this hotel is also well-known for its parties and marvelous hospitality. To further prove this, we can mention that it was awarded as the best host of the Amsterdam Dance Event several times. The festival will take place in Faralda again this year which gives us a confirmation that they feel no pressure when it comes to meeting expectations. The fact that the hotel is in an actual crane does limit the invitees, which makes it even more exclusive next to its amazing view and a 50-meter-high studio.

EXIT in Faralda


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For the third year EXIT will continue its collab with the reputed Amsterdam Dance Event. After 2018. when they first started collaborating and 2019. when they’ve had their first LIFE STREAM event, EXIT is to take over the exclusive studio of Faralda once again on 15th of October. This glorious event will be perfected by six performers who will be great companions of Exit on the biggest event of electronic music in the world.

Written by: Milica Dragomirović
Featured image: faralda.com, Nichon Glerum