Green Я:Evolution: Let’s make a forest out of a tree!

EXIT festival, born two decades ago out of a need to change its own society, has always been known for working on numerous humanitarian and environmental projects, and for the last couple of years, the festival has put its promotional capacities into purpose with one paramount goal – to preserve life on our planet.

Green Я:Evolution is a large environmental platform born in November 2019, with the main goal to mobilize the public and initiate mass reforestation in the country, region and world, with the aim of planting over one million trees in the upcoming years in Serbia alone!

The first action was implemented in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia on November 23 on Fruška gora, where the first 13.000 oak trees were planted!

Apart from the Green Я:Evolution, EXIT has started • LIFE STREAM

Another global ecological project from the Exit’s production called • LIFE STREAM was launched at the recently held Amsterdam Dance Event, where the audience from all over the world had an opportunity to learn scientifically proven and alarming facts about climate change, but also hear good news regarding environment preservation – all during the live stream of a famous DJ duo ARTBAT.