Major EXIT event in September in North Macedonia! Konstrakta is the first confirmed act!

After last year's edition of the major Get EXITed event in Strumica exceeded all expectations, gathering more than 20,000 visitors, EXIT team, in cooperation with the municipality of Strumica, is organising a second edition with even more ambitious plans!

10. March 2023. — Author: EXIT

The new Get EXITed event will take place on 7th September in Strumica’s City Park, where the unsurpassed Konstrakta, the most sought-after musical act in our region, will perform for the first time. Soon, we will reveal the names of the other international and regional music stars who will again bring guests from the entire region to Strumica this year in an even greater number.

The press conference announcing the second edition of the big Get EXITed event in Strumica was held today in the City Hall of Novi Sad. It was attended by musician Ana Đurić Konstrakta, Mayor of Novi Sad Milan Đurić, head of Strumica municipality Kostadin Kostadinov and the founder and director of EXIT festival group Dušan Kovačević.

CEO and director of the EXIT festival group, Dušan Kovačević, emphasised that EXIT organised as many as 26 events in 10 countries last year and that, after the IT sector, EXIT is the largest exporter of the domestic creative industry.

“Since the first EXIT, North Macedonian fans have been among the most numerous, and we are especially pleased that EXIT, after expanding to the entire region, has finally set up a festival in North Macedonia. Last year’s edition exceeded all expectations. There was no vacant accommodation near Strumica during the event, and tourists came from the whole region,” said Kovačević.

The mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, said that Novi Sad is recognised in the region and beyond as an exporter of creative industries and a hotbed of festival-music tourism.

“I am proud that EXIT sprung up from our city more than two decades ago, and we have a common desire for it to continue to develop. I wish the organisers of the festival many more successful and quality projects, and I wish Konstrakta, as well as other performers, to exceed expectations on 7th September and bring in even more than last year’s 20,000 attendees,” said Đurić.

The head of the municipality of Strumica, Kostadin Kostadinov, pointed out that he and the residents of Strumica are pleased to host such a big event featuring music stars.

“As the head of the municipality of Strumica, I want to emphasise here in Novi Sad that this year we will do our best to make the GetEXITed event heard far and wide and make it grandiose again. Inspired by the cultural exchange and the realisation of the first edition of GetEXITed, we agreed to begin the process of making Novi Sad and Strumica into sister cities”, said Kostadinov.

Ana Đurić Konstrakta, who just presented her new song Evo, obećavam, said that she was looking forward to the fact that, with the help of EXIT, she would be able to contribute to this cultural connection.

“I think this is already a sufficient contribution, and of course, we are also looking forward to the Macedonian audience, which is strict; not everything can go well with them, we need to make an effort to win them over,” says Konstrakta.

Other global and regional stars performing in Strumica’s City Park on 7th September will be announced soon, and admission to the big Get EXITed event will be free.