Mile Kekin and Marko Louis: “Peace in Bačka” Is a Great Special Programme; Watch It and Experience the Charms of the Bač Fortress

The special programme "Peace in Bačka" (Mirna Bačka) part of EXIT Foundation’s new project, Incredible Destinations Events, has brought its viewers beautiful scenes from the Bač Fortress and its surroundings, along with legends of this area, conversations about traditional cuisine, and great music.

8. October 2021. — Author: EXIT

The special programme’s guests were Mile Kekin, Rambo Amadeus, Lajko Felix and Marko Louis. The host at the Bač Fortress was musician, percussionist, TV presenter and actor Bojan Ivković. The programme premiered on 21st September, on the International Day of Peace and the European Cooperation Day. The performers, sharing their impressions from the shoot, have invited audiences to watch the special programme on the Facebook and YouTube pages of the EXIT Foundation and EXIT Festival and on the web plaform

“Unique location, great artists and people, and an overall unforgettable experience. At one point during filming, I even felt the emotion of the Fortress and what it has been through. It all affected our performances. The Bač Fortress is the perfect place for an annual festival. My favourite part of filming the programme was the food and hanging out with Mile, Rambo, Lajko, and the entire production team. Be sure to watch the show and experience the charms of the Bač Fortress”, says Marko Louis.

“I am happy to have had the opportunity to visit the Bač Fortress for the first time, but also to enjoy Rambo Amadeus’s jokes for the umpteenth time. We played a little, we hung out more, and all that can be seen in the great programme ‘Peace in Bačka’ (Mirna Bačka)”, said Mile Kekin.

“Bač inspired my guests and me, and the music that was made during our time together is entirely authentic, unique, original and new,” said the host Bojan Ivković.

The EXIT Foundation has launched the project “Incredible Destinations Events” to promote the beauty of tourist destinations and the cultural heritage in the region through the participation of famous international music stars. In the coming period, the project will present attractive tourist destinations to the world innovatively through a combination of music and cultural heritage of the border region between Hungary and Serbia.

The special programme was filmed at the Bač Fortress, the best-preserved medieval fortress in Vojvodina. This fortress has a turbulent and fascinating past, which was one of the topics of the programme. Traditional cuisine is, as always, an indispensable part, and the host Bojan Ivković prepared a Balkan pot for his guests, in which everyone put their favourite spice and ingredient. The musicians responded by performing some of their most famous songs. Marko Louis sang “Rockabye” and “Vranjanka”, Mile Kekin “Na ovim prostorima” and „Samo za taj osjećaj“, Rambo Amadeus „Vrijeme teče“ and „Teško, gorko, lako“, and Lajko Felix offered viewers two improvised live performances.

While the Balkan pot was simmering, Bojan Ivković talked with his guests about their music, the importance of EXIT and festivals in general for meeting people from the Region, and the promotion of peace, which has been a part of EXIT’s mission for over 20 years. The programme also has an educational side because it shares with its viewers the legends about the city of Bač and the origin of the expression “mirna Bačka” (Peace in Bačka) and introduces them to important cultural monuments in the area.

Incredible Destinations Events is a partnership project of the EXIT Foundation and National Heritage Park in Opustaser (ONTE), Hungary. It is implemented with the support of the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia. The special programme “Peace in Bačka” (Mirna Bačka) also received support from the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. As part of the project, the platform was launched, on which all events from this and similar projects will be broadcast. Activities within the Incredible Destinations Events strive to establish a new type of tourist promotion of the Region, to increase the number of visitors, and economic and social sustainability.

The Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia is implemented within the 2014-2020 European Union financial framework, under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA). On the basis of “shared management system” of the participating countries – Hungary and Serbia, the Programme funds and supports co-operation projects of organizations based in the Programme-eligible area – Hungarian counties Csongrád and Bács-Kiskun, and Serbian territories: West Bačka, North Bačka, South Bačka, North Banat, Central Banat, South Banat and Srem district. The Programme helps the development of a stable and co-operating region and the overall quality of life in the border region. It enables economic collaboration of organizations from the two countries, nurtures the common identity, and cultural and historical heritage of the border region, and contributes to its environmental sustainability and safety. For more information, please visit: