Music Critic Zorica Kojić Delivers a Comprehensive Review of the EXIT Festival

Music critic Zorica Kojić, writing for the weekly magazine Vreme, offers a review of this year's EXIT Festival, a journey through four festival nights encompassing the entire history of popular music, rock and roll, bands like The Prodigy and Wu-Tang Clan, and reflecting societal, temporal, and even universal contexts.

26. July 2023. — Author: EXIT

“Amid all the terrifying global crises we’ve been through and continue to endure in 2023, it is natural and healing to invite our oldest and longest-standing rock idols to spiritually save us once again, encouraging us to forge our own path,” she states. “By their example, they show us that this is not only okay and achievable, but the only right thing to do,” she adds.

The Prodigy – A Cosmic Symphony for the Masses

“Their performance on EXIT’s main stage this year was a frenzied sermon without parallel, a cosmic symphony for the masses, an electrifying encounter of humans and machines of unknown sorts, a heartrending anthem to a forever jilted generation,”Kojić points out about the iconic band The Prodigy’s performance, saying that Liam Howlett looked “as if he was playing a life-or-death pinball game, constantly pushing the decibels and rhythmic mantras to a climax.” The memorable tribute to Keith Flint and the image of Maxim standing “motionless, like some gigantic ancient deity,” remain indelible impressions from the Gorki List Main Stage. “The Prodigy’s triumph at this year’s EXIT is also a victory for each of us, the insignificant mortals. To paraphrase Carson McCullers: ‘Rebellion is the most precious flower of poverty,’” she concludes.

Viagra Boys – Torchbearers for Sweden’s Alternative Rock

“Covered in tattoos, resembling Ray Bradbury’s ‘Illustrated Man,’ the band’s frontman Sebastian Murphy fuses garage rock, orientally-tinted psychedelia, and timeless punk into a sound that’s simultaneously sensual, humorous, and certainly quite dangerous. We’re all undoubtedly astounded when Murphy does push-ups or stretches on stage à la Iggy Pop, purring and growling, frantically conducting the hypnotic trance escalating around him.” These are Kojić’s impressions of the band Viagra Boys, whom she calls “the torchbearers for Sweden’s alternative rock,” describing their artistry as “an original concept of commedia dell’arte for millennials and zoomers.”

Skrillex – Reigning Over EXIT Festival Every Time He Appears

Music critic Zorica Kojić describes Skrillex as “the king of EXIT Festival,” adding that he is “the sole star of the night with an army of fans who follow him everywhere,” and reflecting on him starting his set with the legendary song “Zvižduk u 8” by Đorđe Marjanović. “He is a phenomenon in a genre he invented. His masterful track transitions, complemented by unique mixing-desk acrobatics, continue to leave us breathless. The usual pyrotechnic display in front of Skrillex’s phantasmagorical DJ throne always seems refreshingly new, and he so superiorly manipulates his tools that you couldn’t even imagine anyone else handling the vast musical catalogs this guy has at his fingertips,” she describes.

Wu-Tang Clan – RZA for President!

“The brilliant RZA and Co smashed it on the last night of EXIT,” Kojić points out! “As strong as the prophecy of a future society of proud citizens, impressive in their masculine portrayal of street metaphysics, they seem to insist less on bitterness and much more on noble admiration for humanity as a whole these days. Like scribing Whitman verses, Wu-Tang Clan throw themselves into the gigantic task of mixing the primal energy of the universe live in front of us, investing all their power to get the best out of it,” she says, describing the moment when the audience in front of the Gorki List Main Stage raised peace signs in response to “RZA’s final command” as magnificent, concluding – RZA for President!

“Therefore, one thing must be said about EXIT – you won’t find another European festival, except perhaps Glastonbury, which has consistently endeavored, year after year since its inception, to bring those key figures who have shaped contemporary music for the future, uncompromisingly artistic, elevating it to the level of a force that has the power to transform our lives,” concludes Zorica Kojić.

Zorica Kojić for weekly magazine Vreme.