Offer 1 ticket = 4 festivals extended until 30th of January!

15. December 2016. — Author: EXIT

EXIT has started the biggest holiday offer in its history! Available only during the holiday season, the simply dubbed “1 ticket = 4 festivals” offer lets all current ticket holders and future ticket buyers for EXIT festival (priced at 99 EUR+b/f / £89+b/f), get free tickets to the remaining three festivals of the EXIT Summer of Love 2017 as a gift: Sea Star festival in Croatia (26-27 May), Revolution festival in Romania (1-3 June), and Sea Dance festival in Montenegro (13-15 July). The number of these tickets is extremely limited, and all buyers, current or future ones, will need to quickly register their EXIT tickets in oderd to recieve e-tickets for the other festivals. Registration will start from 1-28 February.


Travel packages for EXIT and Sea Star Festivals at the special prices with tickets, accommodation and airport transfers will be available starting 20th December at