Taste of Ada at Exit: Natural High Zones Coming to the Festival

This year, Exit will feature two Natural High Zones! For the first time, visitors to the festival will be able to enjoy completely natural cocoa, cocoa balls, and juices made from freshly squeezed fruit.

9. July 2022. — Author: EXIT

All visitors will be able to experience the magical effects of cocoa, which restores energy and stimulates hormones of happiness and pure strength, at two locations within the festival. Natural High is part of Exit’s campaign to preserve overall health, pointing to the harmfulness of drug use and presenting 100% natural ingredients for an organic, utterly harmless energy source necessary for the overall health of the human body. These zones will bring the spirit of Ada Bojana to the festival, along with the conscious music of the Pachamama Stage and the cocoa, and will create an overture for the Ada Divine Awakening festival.

During the festival’s four nights, all visitors will be able to experience the deliciousness of a natural energy drink – cocoa. Natural High zones will be placed at the Pachamama Stage and between the Main Stage and the Dance Arena, offering cocoa drinks, treats, and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Raw cocoa, prepared so that it does not lose any of its powerful effects, facilitates the production of serotonin, dopamine, pure hormones of happiness and incredible energy. This drink is an adequate substitute for coffee or energy drinks, and it naturally gets your feet moving, giving you the power to dance until sunrise. This cocoa is not cooked; it is prepared at a low temperature to retain its natural effects and provide the body with the “superfood” that it needs for long festival nights. It is prepared this way by the restaurant “Zdravo Ljubavi” as a natural booster for visitors to the festival.

Along with conscious music performed by incredible artists who will play at the new, beautiful location of the Pachamama stage, and the natural energy boost brought by raw cocoa, the festival will sail into new waters, closer to Ada Bojana, and bring the Ada Divine Awakening to EXIT. The fifth birthday of the Pachamama Stage will be made special by the sincere and gentle melodies of Mose, LAOR, Maya Kamaty and Praful at the Fortress’s most beautiful corner, featuring a view of the Danube at sunset.